The Holtsville Ecology Center--Rumored to Close Due to Budget Cuts

The Holtsville Ecology & Wildlife Center--is said to possibly be closing because of 2013 budget cuts. Community members have turned to Facebook to spread the word.

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The Holtsville Wildlife and Ecology Center, home to rescued and endangered animals, has an unsecured future. The site may be closed due to budget cuts for the 2013 year. Recently, those in the Suffolk County community have turned to mediums such as Facebook and blogs in order to spread knowledge and opinions concerning the possible park closing. An online petition was created to help give our community a say, and will be presented to the town board in an attempt to save the site.The site rescues and provides veterinary attention and care for more than a hundred animals.

Community members have proposed their own ideas of how to rescue their beloved nature site, such as: charging a small parking fee, limiting its hours, or charging an admission fee.

The Holtsville Ecology site also provides Long Islanders with a 1.2 mile exercise trail, that exercise groups and Lifeguards utilize for their training. There is also a town pool, a beautiful greenhouse and picnic area. The “Save the Holtsville Wildlife & Ecology Center” Facebook page has aided in helping spread the word and outrage over the possible closing. The page was also utilized to gain media coverage on the closing from News 12 and Newsday. The front of the page says it all: “The goal is to raise awareness on the possible closure of the Holtsville Wildlife and Ecology Center due to cuts in the upcoming budget.” 

As of now, 4,524 people have viewed and provided their support for the page and its message to the Brookhaven Town board. The next Brookhaven Town Board meeting is scheduled for 5:00 p.m., September 20th , at One Independence Hill in Farmingville. Community members are said to be presenting the petition during the meeting. The petition has been signed by 3,400 and more supporters. If you wish to sign the petition and make a difference for your community and the animals that need your help, visit this page and tell the Brookhaven Town Board why the Holtsville Wildlife and Ecology Center is important to you. 

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