Long Island Dating: Singles Rap Session Roundup

Written by dating-singles  |  15. September 2004

Long Island Singles & Dating: Last week I attended my first ever "Rap Session" held by Singles for Charities at the Holiday Inn Plainview. The attendance was made up of about 80% women and 20% men with most being in the 40's, 50's, and 60's. It was basically a discussion group where people got to address certain questions about singles and dating. Here is a brief recap on some of the questions and answers: Q: What shouldn't you do on a first date? A: Blow you nose, pick your teeth, forget to bring your wallet, go Dutch over a cup of coffee, think that just because you paid for dinner that you get to take your date home for desert, tell your date about past conquests, come on too strong. Q: What one fact do you hate about the opposite sex? Two women responded with the following: Men die too young and Men ask for your phone number but then never call. Q: When do you know you want to go out a second time after a first date? A: No kissing, good communication, feeling like you made a potential friend. Hmm, I think I disagree with that last answer since most guys hate the dreaded F word "Friend" To us it usually means you're a real nice guy, but just not for me. On the other hand, a really good relationship is sometimes based on a very strong friendship. Personally I think that if you leave your first date and are still thinking about the person you just had the first date with on the car ride home, it is a good sign that you are hoping to get a second date.

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