Legislator Bill Lindsay Joins Legislator Tom Muratore to Present Heroic Officers Proclamations


Officers worked together to aid a woman in the delivery of her baby.

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(L to R): 6th Pct. Deputy Inspector Alexander Crawford, Legislator Bill Lindsay, Legislator Tom Muratore, with Officers Jon-Erik Negron, Brian Cann and Karl Allison.

Photo by: Suffolk County Legislature

Suffolk County, NY - Sept. 14, 2018 - Last week, Suffolk County Legislator Bill Lindsay joined Legislator Tom Muratore to present three admirable officers with proclamations of excellence for assisting a woman deliver her baby in her home. The awards were given out to Suffolk County Police Officers Jon-Erik Negron, Brian Cann, and Karl Allison. Terryville Fire District paramedics Kevin Bader, Gina Brett, and Christopher Myers could not attend the ceremony, but were honored with proclamations at a later date. 
On August 9, 2018, Police Officer Jon-Erik Negron received a 911 call regarding a woman who was in labor and could not travel to the hospital in time. He rushed to the scene at 2:30 in the morning and was quickly joined by his fellow officers, as well as members of the Terryville Fire Department. They all worked together to aid the woman, Keri Fort, in the delivery of her baby. At 2:44 AM, Terryville paramedic Kevin Bader safely delivered the baby girl. Both the mother and the child were healthy and transported to the hospital.
“The Police Officers of the Sixth Precinct, as well as the Terryville paramedics showcased an incredible amount of bravery and intelligence that day,” said Legislator Lindsay. “The quick thinking and instinctive knowledge to help a woman who desperately needed it is incredibly admirable and deserving of praise. I was proud to present these officers with proclamations of excellence for their service to Suffolk County.”
“Once again, Suffolk County’s finest answered the call to safely deliver a baby,” stated Legislator Tom Muratore. “I couldn’t be prouder of our Police Officers, Paramedics and EMT’s, and thank them for a job well done.”