Planning Your Fall Wedding!

Written by Lauren Pozmanter  |  14. September 2012

Fall is one of the loveliest times of year on Long Island, the perfect time to host your wedding. With Long Island’s magical parks and outdoor venues, an autumn wedding is sure to be an event your guests won’t forget. With a few DIY projects you can make your fall wedding an autumn themed wonderland.

Having your wedding in the fall means you get to have a bunch of fun picking out your themes. There are so many different ways to go when planning an autumn wedding simply because of all the different avenues you can take. If you are a Halloween fanatic you can most certainly incorporate that into your wedding, but if you simply just love the season you can have a more traditional style as well. Long Island offers the best shops and farm stands to get everything you might need.

Most people who have a fall wedding want to walk down the aisle underneath the changing leaves outside. But there are many ways you can bring the autumn feel indoors as well. With all the colors and decorations, there’s no need to worry about the risks of an outdoor wedding in the fall. With a few of these helpful tips you can be sure that your fall wedding will be everything you’ve dreamed!

Decorating the Venue: This part of the wedding planning is definitely the most fun! With all the different resources at your disposal for creating a fall wedding, you can be sure this will be unforgettable. The most important things when decorating the venue are the flowers. Autumn flowers are some of the most beautiful colors and will look amazing lining the aisle coupled with pumpkins and gourds. You can even buy fake leave or collect real ones to spread all around the room. If you are having your wedding outdoors you shouldn’t have to worry about purchasing the leaves. Low lit candles will also add to the deep reds and oranges to give your venue and intimate and romantic feel.

Centerpieces: There really are no restrictions to how you make your centerpieces fall themed. The possibilities are truly endless. A very popular way to go is to carve out a pumpkin and fill it with flowers of your choice. Doing something with candles is another popular option, such as putting tea candles in glass jars surrounded with leaves. You can even hollow out the very top of a pumpkin and place a wide candle in there surrounded with leaves and flowers. Another unique idea would be to find autumn colored candies, such as Reece’s Pieces, and fill up a glass jar with them with flowers on top!

Cake: Figuring out how to decorate your wedding cake is make a little bit easier with a fall themed wedding. Classic ideas include having white cake with leaves stuck in all around it. You can also do this with a chocolate frosted cake for a more rustic look. Other ideas include having a decorated tree run around the cake with leaves coming off the branches. Tiny pumpkins and acorns are also great little add-ons to adorn your cake with.

Wedding Favors: There are many different ways for you to show your gratitude to your guests for making it to your big day. A cool wedding favor is sure way to know they’ll remember it. For a unique fall themed favor you can give out make-your-own hot cider packets with the date of your wedding on the label. You can also give out little bags filled with fall colored candies. And any guest will love a decorated candy or caramel covered apple!

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