Written by Nick Christophers  |  14. September 2008

by Nick Christophers In the movie business some actors burn out or lose touch with reality. But some just keep plugging away at what they do best. One such actor is Vinny Vella. A native New Yorker who learned that having guts and being persistent is the road into this industry. At first Vinny was involved in the fashion business. Vinny, came in close contact with the film industry when he supplied RV s for the actors through his fashion business. His first line of work was working in the fashion industry transporting models to key lcoations around the city. While catering to the film crews he paid apt attention to possible auditions. After he gathered enough details of the audition he went and tried out. He eventually made some contacts and his film career was on the move. One of Vinny s first films was called House of Styles with then up and coming model Cindy Crawford. He was very excited of being apart of the film and was looking for new opportunities. As time proved he was casted in films like Casino and the TV smash hit Sopranos. I enjoyed working on the film Casino, for many reasons. One, working with talented artists like DiNero and Pesci was great. Not to exclude the great directing by Martin Scorsese, added Vinny. The phenomenon of the HBO series the Sopranos which not only shocked the creators but the cast as well, has reached grand levels. Vinny was apart of the series in the last installment. Presently, Vinny has been either jumping on a plane to Finland or California. He has been working on a film in Finland entitled Fletch. The film is crime drama/ comedy. It is a good film based on the complexities of the drug business and what can possibly go wrong. The courier which is me is plagued with the dilemma of not only recovering monies owed but the actually product. Aside from that and other projects Vinny has found a new home to be around people from the industry. In the past Vinny use to have his industry get-togethers at locations like Rubes, Caf Met and others. Now he found a new location at 218 Lafayette Street near Little Italy. It s a nice place with good food and a nice atmosphere. At first I was not ready to do this again. It took up too much of my time. Yet people were asking me when I was going to do this again. So, I decided let me do it once and see how it goes over. Well it went over so well people were calling me to ask me when is the next one. During these get-togethers Vinny also showcases new musical talents who perform for the mostly film industry crowd. In the upcoming week on September 16 he will be showcasing the lead singer of the 70 s group the Savoys. Vinny would welcome any new talent to show his/her creativity at 218 s. The gathering is also an opportunity for film industry people to network and have fun at the same time. Vinny is always looking to give back to the community who has supported his work and generally inspired him to move ahead.

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