Making Fall Chores Fun With The Whole Family

Written by Kelly Tenny  |  12. September 2014

The Fall is a time of transition. The Summer has slowly started to fade away while the season of Autumn has just started to blow in. It’s time to start putting away the barbecue and patio furniture, tidy up the garage, and trade in those tank tops and shorts for long sleeve shirts and pants.

With so much to get done Fall tidying up really isn’t a one person job, which is why you should get the whole family in on it! Not only will the chores (hopefully) get done faster, but the whole family will get to spend some time together doing something as a team. Give everyone a job then add a twist to make it fun!

Incorporate Music
A great way to make things fun is to play music while you’re doing them. Assign a specific duty to your kids or husband and let them play their favorite music while they do it. It makes time go much faster and they’ll be singing along and dancing while they move around tidying up. Afterwards, as you all survey the finished product, reward them with a nice cool beverage – I’m sure they’ll be thirsting after all of that movin’ and shakin’.

Make It Into A Game
The prospect of doing chores is not a very entertaining one but if you make the stakes a little higher, and turn it into a game, then you just might have a few more willing parties to participate. Make each chore worth a certain amount of points. Tally up the points at the end and see who the winner is. The winner then should get a small reward and not have to do their least favorite chore next time. A little bit of friendly competition never hurts!

Personalize The Supplies
Before you jump into cleaning allow the kids to get their own cleaning supplies. Let them pick out what color sponge they want, have them decorate their water bucket, or get them kid sized brooms and mops. They will love the fact that they have their very own supplies, that they got to choose them, and that they got to decorate them to their preference.

How do you go about making chores fun for the whole family? Tell us your tricks and tips in the comments below!

Photo by Rachael Ball via Free Images

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