Older Women, Younger Men?

Written by dating-singles  |  11. September 2005

Long Island Speed Dating; Long Island Dating; Long Island Single; Long Island Singles We all know about Ashton and Demi, and I have women yelling at me all the time saying I need to put together an older woman younger man speed dating event. So I took a poll of my members and asked whether they would be interested in such an event. The numbers were as follows. 68% of women surveyed said they would be interested in an event for older women and younger men. However 65% of the men said NO WAY and would not attend. When I reported these results to a woman who was unhappy with our brackets, she replied "You are LIVING IN A DREAM WORLD, BABY! MOST MEN WANT OLDER WOMEN, as a matter of fact, no man that is older than me, has ever been able to KEEP UP WITH ME. I am not a minority, either. I know many woman, who see younger men." We are interviewing people for a follow up article as to why they feel that age matters. If you have comments to share, please conatct me using the URL below.

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