Share Your Story...

Written by lifecoach  |  04. September 2006

There is so much to be grateful for online. Not just for resources and information, but for deeper things... Sometimes I come upon someone's web page or blog, and I am blessed with a special gift. A gift of a soul reflection. People will share things about themselves and always in a different way, and many times, something someone shares will remind me of a part of my soul that I have forgotten, or tucked away, and I am so grateful to be reminded of that part of myself. Usually, for me, it is in a spiritual way, yet it can be in nearly any way. Truly, the living of everyday life tends to distract. I don't think anything happens by accident in this life. So for these such reminders I am very grateful. I want to thank anyone who has put themselves out there, or shared a part of who they are, because at some point, if they haven't already, they will be a mirror for someone, a reminder, a teacher, a healer. One of the women I look up most to in this life, Author Iyanla Vanzant always says "Share your story. Sharing your story will heal you, and sharing your story will heal someone else". It is so true. And, it doesn't have to be a profound story, or a great adventure, it doesn't have to be a tragic love story or a heroic escapade. There is something in who we all are, that will be a gift to someone else. And, unless we are willing to share of ourselves, even a little bit, then we cannot give that wondrous gift. I have always enjoyed sharing. Sometimes though, I have felt hesitant. Protective of perhaps my feelings, or of judgment from others. Sharing yourself, your story is a risk. Speaking your truth, being your authentic self, is to be vulnerable. But what a blessing, to you and to others, to have the strength to take that risk, to have the courage to become vulnerable! We are here for a reason. No, we are here for many reasons, each of us. To learn, to grow, to heal, to *be*. What good is it to learn, to grow, to heal and to *be*, if we do not share that with another who is also learning, growing, healing and doing their best to *be*? Dare to share your story. Dare to share your tale of healing, learning, growing with others. It is how we connect. Strive to speak your truth, gently, lovingly. Don't put up a facade! People want to hear you, to understand you, to love you. If you are hiding who you are and showing false feelings, then you cannot, will not connect. Step outside of your shell, throw away the boundaries of your comfort zone and allow others access to your very soul. It will heal you, and it will heal another. Tonight, a simple few words touched my soul. Words written by a stranger. It takes so little, to honor yourself, respect yourself, and share your authentic SELF. This person did it, and I am blessed and healed by it, for it has allowed me a glipse back into my own soul, and reminded me of a corner laying dormant, and gathering dust. It allows me now the chance to reawaken that corner, to dust it out and put a light there. In a small way, my direction in life has been shifted, just a bit. Yet, that will make all the difference.

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