A Bit About Helen

Written by stressreduction  |  31. August 2000

I suppose that you need to know a bit about me if you're visiting the Experts neighborhood of longisland.com. Although this is one of my least favorite things, I'll tell you a bit about myself and hopefully that will be the first step toward building a community of people. We might as well start with one person. Of course, I'm a Long Islander. I've lived here in Hicksville all my life. Okay, I know what you're thinking! Let's keep going. I'm 48 years young, single mom, 2 boys, ages 19 and 14. Neither has ever gone to public school. I've been paying for school FOREVER! I've got to watch my money and my time. I've got to stay on target. I live and breathe for my PC. I work freelance, helping newbies to the world of the PC. I help them set up their computers. Teach them how to use Windows and applications the run under it. After they pass the newbie stage, I help people set up their networks. Set up and maintain databases. Create marketing material. I conduct training classes and write manuals. I try my best to support my clients when they've installed their scanner and now they can't print. When their mail gets lost. When their systems crash. When they can't edit their contacts in Outlook. When their modem doesn't work. When they lose the icons on their desktops. On and on. When they are too busy and overwhelmed with the technology that they've just purchased to really get down to the businesses that they are supposed to be in. Microsoft sure has provided me with a full life! That's part one. Part two is my other living and breathing. I teach Yoga. And that's what helps me stay focused and calm for the other parts of my life. I practice Tai Chi. I meditate and lead meditation groups. I go into companies and conduct workshops on stress management. So formal sounding!! I don't like the word Expert. I use it very sparingly. Am I an expert? Maybe. I certainly don't have a document that says that I am. But I've been practicing Yoga for 20 years. Trained and certified at Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health in Massachusetts. I've been practicing Tai Chi for 11 years and love to teach it. I've worked with hundreds of people. Most people come to a Yoga class for stress reduction; it is only occasionally that someone will come to lose weight or become flexible. They come to stretch out their stress. And Yoga Works. I'll be focusing on methods and techniques that originate in Yoga. But this site is not intended to teach you Yoga. It is intended to help you use Yoga as the grounding point for the management of your stress. Enough about me. We need to hear from you too.

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