Lingerie Buying For Men

LINGERIE BUYING FOR MEN You decided to buy some romantic lingerie but you're embarrassed to be in a lingerie store. A suggestion for men is to act confident; like you've done this before. Don't be ...

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You decided to buy some romantic lingerie but you're embarrassed to be in a lingerie store. A suggestion for men is to act confident; like you've done this before. Don't be afraid to ask the salesperson for help if you need it. Small lingerie boutiques are likely to offer customers a more personalize service. Although, prices may be slightly higher in the specialty boutiques, you will be more pleased with the friendly customer care you'll receive. Large department stores don't always have enough trained clerks who are willing to help shoppers with personal attention.


Besides feeling embarrassed, men often have real difficulty with size. This is the number one problem men face when shopping for lingerie. They usually buy the wrong size. If you don't know her size, choose a style that adjusts to fit small, medium and large. A wrap around silk robe will work well if you want to play it safe. . Don't choose anything form fitting, like a bustier or bra. If she's a size "D" cup and you choose a size "A" cup, you'll be way off. Men could make it easy on themselves by simply asking their honey, "what size do you wear?" Shy about asking? Look in her lingerie draw for sizing.


Men most often like to buy the more sexy styles; a lace teddy or sexy bustier with garter belts and thigh high stocking to complete an exciting romantic fantasy. Guys, this may be your fantasy but its not hers. Of course this does depend on each individual woman's style and taste when choosing intimate apparel.


Women enjoy looking and feeling sexy too but often choose styles that are less revealing. She may be self-conscious about her body and will want to cover up certain body parts that she feels are less than perfect. A sexy baby doll, a beautiful chemise, a romantic cami and tap pant set... that's what most women want.


Once you enter the shopping area you'll notice a large selection of styles and colors. This can be confusing. If you are a first time buyer, we suggest sticking to your basic colors like black, white, or nude. You can also consider choosing her favorite color or pick colors that will compliment her skin tone. Red is the color of love and the most popular lingerie gift-giving holiday color for Christmas and Valentine's Day. Traditional bridal lingerie colors are white and off-white. However, today's brides are expanding their lingerie wardrobes to include a larger variety of styles and colors that will take them far beyond the honeymoon.


The most popular lingerie fashion trend fabrics for this season are animal-leopard and reptile-snake prints. Velvets, embroidered glitter, marabou. fake fur trims even ostrich feathers compliment and accent many different styles this Fall. Leather and leather look-a-like fabrics are also very hot. Whatever you choose, traditional or trendy, she will love you for just thinking of her in that special way. If you haven't purchased sexy lingerie for her in a very long time, buying luxurious lingerie is a great gift idea for your special lady. It let's her know you still think of her in a romantic, sexy way. Most women will appreciate the compliment. If not, you know what they say, "it's the thought that counts."

Still uncomfortable shopping in the lingerie store? Afraid your face may turn a bright red color at the site of sexy undergarments? Mail order catalogs do offer shoppers great selection and convenience.
Have you tried shopping on the Internet yet? According to a recent survey, (Angus Reid Group) there are an estimated 300 million worldwide Internet users and almost 120 million have made a transaction online. Men, why not relax and enjoy shopping for lingerie on the Internet? It's so very popular these days. One last important word of advice for men and Internet shopping...if you plan to buy on the Internet and want to receive your order in time for a special anniversary, birthday, or holiday, don't wait until the last minute to make a decision. Purchasing may take time to process, plus you will always need to allow for extra travel time for shipping your order.

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