Is it the end of summer already…

Written by transportation  |  28. August 2002

BY RICH KNUTSON Well here it is. Is it the end of summer already? Summer vacations coming to a close. Those weeks of a change of scenery from that piece of land we call Long Island. Now it's back to work, back to school and back to normal? The road construction seems endless. Railroad timetables change with the date but do they really change, at least from a Peak/Monthly ticketholders point of view. The buses they constantly need help. They are always "this close" from getting it right, no fault of the drivers mind you. We get to hear to how everyone's summer went. How long they were gone? Where they went? What they saw? And then think about how our own summer went as we get back to the grind. Welcome back all. Fall is nice in New England but Fall is nice here too, on Long Island New York. ---------- Rich Knutson is a born and bred Long Islander who understands the joys and frustration of getting around on Long Island. He is a 15+ year LIRR - LI Bus/Suffolk Transit commuter and is a member of a two-car family.

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