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They Say You Forget

The other day I was relaxing in my glider. The glider was new 2 years ago. It was given to me when I was expecting my son Luc. All ...

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The other day I was relaxing in my glider. The glider was new 2 years ago. It was given to me when I was expecting my son Luc.

All of a sudden I could smell something very faint that reminded me of the last week of my pregnancy. I was two weeks overdue and very uncomfortable. After I threatened my doctor and every single one of his nurses with violence, my doctor suggested that they induce me at the end of the week. I looked at him and said, "but what do I do until then?" He said the very thing I didn't want to hear, "relax Claudine."

So, the last week of my pregnancy went something like this: me sitting on the new glider purchased expressly for rocking a cute little boy of mine; occasionally moving to the couch; and then back to the glider while watching the 1998 Winter Olympics. I was SO bored that I began taping ski and toboggan accidents to show my husband when he got home from work. He'd walk in the door and I'd say, "you GOTTA see this one..."

Well, it's two years later... the summer Olympics are around the corner and the little boy I waited for is here and occasionally lets me rock him in the glider. Most days he wiggles off faster than I can say, "I'll give you an Oreo if you stay."

Being very sensitive to smells, I start to hunt down the origin. I turned around and started sniffing the cushion of the glider. When the chair was new it had a very fresh wood smell that has long since faded. My husband David is on the couch and looks at me and says, "everything okay there honey???" I looked at him and grinned, "the chair smell reminds me of when I was waiting to have Luc!!!" He's replies, "okay... why don't you go to bed now.. you sound tired..."

I remember being so miserable when I was overdue for Luc. I was so uncomfortable. I was tired of waiting. I wanted my baby now! Then, when finally in labor I thought, "Why would ANYONE do this TWICE?!"

Smelling the chair made me smile and all of it sudden it dawned on me: this is natures little way of keeping the species going! Now don't go looking for any birth announcements from me in 9 months or anything. (This means you dear Father in law of mine) :-) But, it is nice how time has changed my memories of being miserable, uncomfortable, bored, and grouchy, to a time I treasure.

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