Hurricane Irene Preparedness Guide

Written by Cait Russell  |  26. August 2011

As Long Island braces for Hurricane Irene, it's important to remember to stay calm, and make sure you are prepared for a worst-case-scenario situation. We have put together a comprehensive guide for you - including what you should include in your Emergency Preparedness Kit, a Strategy Guide in case of Crisis, and resources for where to get information should there be power outages, road closings, or other unexpected events. What You Should Include in your Emergency Preparedness Kit: Enough clean drinking water for 3 days - at least 1 gallon per person per day. Non-perishable food items including canned goods, peanut butter, energy bars, and other high nutrition foods that require little to no preparation, and no refrigeration. Make sure you also have a manual can opener. First Aid Kit - make sure to have all necessities for both your family, and pets Battery powered radio (make sure to have spare batteries) Battery powered flashlights Personal items such as glasses, contacts, personal care and hygiene items All prescriptions & non-prescription medications you will need for at least 3 days Important documents (drivers license, insurance, etc) in a waterproof plastic bag or container If you have pets, make sure that you have collars, leashes, water bowl, and food ready to go Have A Plan: Make sure you speak with your family about where to meet up with in case there is an emergency situation. Have a meeting place that is safely and easily accessible, and make sure that everyone has exchanged contact information. Have a designated individual that is outside of the area effected by the hurricane that your loved ones know to contact in case of an emergency situation. You can also utilize the Red Cross Safe & Well website where you can post messages for loved ones on. That is available at www.redcross.org - make sure your loved once know that you are safe and out of harm’s way. Make sure that you know your town or county's Designated Evacuation Areas - please see our resources below to find your local designated area. Resources and More Information Available At: LIPA Storm Center - See the current outages here or Report an outage to 800-490-0075 or 631-755-6900 Red Cross' Long Island Disaster Preparedness Site Nassau County's Site - Features Local Updates, Safety & Evacuation Information Suffolk County's Site - Features Local Updates, Safety & Evacuation Information Weather.com Coverage of Hurricane Irene

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