Back to School in Style with New Fall Trends

Lego and Frozen are still super popular, and also look for some classic, more adult styles, such as boho chic and leather jackets, to pop up with younger kids.

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Trends for kids come and go faster than you can say “back to school,” so we rounded up some of this season’s hottest trends for kids that are also timeless, classic pieces of clothing and toys.  Silly Bandz and Fun Loops are no longer the “it” items at school, and a similar accessory is yet to arise, but you can bet that Legos and Frozen toys and clothes will still be incredibly popular after the huge success that both movies had this year. To save money on back to school trends, try hitting up your local thrift store – especially if you know that your kids will grow out of their clothes by the end of the school year. Here are just a few styles that you will see on the rise as you shop for your kids new fall wardrobe:

Flower Prints: Flower prints are going to be very popular this fall, including flower print skirts, pants, shirts, and dresses.

The Skater Look: The cool skater look is still in style for boys, including hoodies and straight-leg jeans.  Plaid is also very popular for boys – especially plaid button-down shirts. Girls can also jump into the plaid with dresses, skirts, and button-downs.

High-Waisted Jeans: This trend for older students lends itself to the crop tops that have been popping up all summer, and looks great on many different types of figures.  Kids can also enjoy this trend with a tucked-in camisole top and a sweater to top the look off.

Faux Leather:  Fake leather is expected to make a comeback this fall, and a tiny pleather jacket is sure to look adorable on boys and girls alike.  Stick with a material that will be durable and hold its value, as your child will likely be quick to grow out of this, and you’ll want to pass it on to someone else.    

The Boho Look:  The Bohemian look was popular with women’s fashions this summer and is expected to make a mark on the kids’ market as well.  Look for harem or palazzo pants and chunky jewelry like gold bangles and tribal necklaces.

Legos:  Since the Lego Movie boom, Legos have taken off again with young boys and girls.  Expect to see Legos on clothes, lunch bags, and in its old-school toy form.