Creative Ways to Serve Food & Drinks at your Wedding

Written by Chelsea Triola  |  24. August 2014

There are many ways to create a memorable evening for you and your guests on your wedding day. Most couples like to throw in some unique details that stand out and make a lasting impression on friends and family. 
Take it a step further by serving some delicious food in a non-traditional way. Instead of setting up tables with the food on them, take a look at these outside-of-the-box ideas that will make serving food look fun!
Finger foods are an important part of any get together! They are not only delicious but they keep your guests satisfied until the main courses come out. A fun way to serve your appetizers is to put your snacks of choice on a tower display with three tiers so you can add different kinds of food. 
The towers can be set up all around your event which will allow your guests to keep going back for more! It also gives them the time to decide what they want, rather than having a waiter walk around with the food. You can even decorate the food displays to match your wedding theme by adding a nice floral arrangement to the top of each or lighting candles atop of them to set a romantic mood. 
Need some appetizer ideas? Try out mini grilled cheeses with tomato soup, mini BLT’s, or tiny shot glasses filled with veggies and dip. Another creative way to use shot glasses for appetizers is to fill them with cocktail sauce and stick a shrimp or two on each rim!
Now for the main course! The way you serve your dinner will affect the price so choose wisely. You can have it served by waiters and waitresses or you can set up a family style meal for each table. For starters, give out salad served in martini glasses, a wonderful way to present your food and every glass will have the perfect amount for each person.
After the martini salads, allow your guests to dig in on their family style meal. Doing it this way will add ambience and will also help you save on table decor. Your guests will be able to take as much as they’d like and it will cause them to make conversation with others as well!
Set up a cocktail station with anything and everything you can think of! The station can act as your very own mini bar, but with all the essentials of a full size bar. Set up large drink dispensers labeled with different types of alcohol in each - beer, liquor, wine, etc. Stock the station up with different types of glasses as well, such as beer mugs, champagne flutes, martini glasses, wine glasses and shot glasses. 
Another great way to serve drinks is to fill up a large tub with ice and throw some alcohol inside. Different tubs can be set up for all kinds of alcohol, with a sign above each to direct your guests to the drink of their choice. These tubs are especially great for outdoor weddings and don’t require a bartender which will put less strain on your wallet!

If your guests are mostly beer drinkers, set up wine barrel kegs with a different kind of beer in each. The wine barrels will make for a unique presentation and will look a lot nicer than regular kegs!
A guest favorite, dessert is the icing on the cake, literally! Serve your dessert in a fun way by getting creative with your ideas. Fill up champagne glasses with milk and serve each with a big cookie on top. These are a great idea for the children that come to the wedding, and the adults will enjoy it too! 
The large tubs can come into play with the dessert as well, use them to hold mason jars filled with ice cream! Place the mason jars in lots of ice so the ice cream doesn’t melt then have a table next to it complete with spoons, sprinkles, cherries and other delicious toppings. 
Skewers don’t only have to be used for meat, create your own with any treats you’d like! You can do this with different kinds of fruit for a more healthier dessert or you can make strawberry shortcake on a stick! The skewers can be used for pretty much any treat you decide to serve, just cut it up into small pieces and stick it on!
Coffee & Tea
You may think there aren’t too many ways to creatively serve coffee and tea at your wedding, but there are! Even if you serve the hot drinks in regular tea cups or coffee cups, you can add your own personal touch to each. Add heart-shaped sugar cubes to each cup, for a hint of love! 
Another fun idea is to have edible spoons, yes, edible! You can purchase chocolate spoons that your guests can enjoy while sipping on their tea or coffee. The molds can even be purchased so you can make them yourself to save some money! If you’re serving coffee in a more casual way, add a personalized sleeve to each cup, complete with the couple’s last name and wedding date. 
We hope these suggestions can help you during your planning journey and that you get to use some, or all, of these creative ideas on your big day! Remember, you can add your own personal touch to pretty much anything and you can get creative with not only ways to serve the food, but what you put the food in as well. Good luck!

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