by Nick Christophers Better late than never they say for that is the case with recording artist Linda O. Growing up in Long Island she was drawn to the dance music craze. Pop stars like ...

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by Nick Christophers

Better late than never they say for that is the case with recording artist Linda O. Growing up in Long Island she was drawn to the dance music craze. Pop stars like Madonna, Cyndi Lauper, Whitney Houston, Michael & Janet Jackson and George Michael played a pivotal role in her growing love for music. Also Broadway musicals such as Annie, Grease & Sound of Music all had a strong influence on her. She spent most of her life emulating one of the favorite pop artists & actors. Her father also loved to sing and was always involved in Do Wop groups in the neighborhood while Linda used to watch and sing along.

"If I had to choose one artist it would be Madonna. I grew up watching her from the very beginning. Madonna is an icon and still is today. To be able to accomplish so much through the years and recreate herself over and over is truly an inspiration. Not only what she has made herself but what her music has meant to me."

Linda did not begin to take music seriously till she was eighteen years old. "I was 18 when I first decided to get involved and take up voice lessons. It was then that I decided this is the road I wanted to venture on."

Instead of looking into further education Linda was focused at that age to work & make money. Once she started working full time instead of considering college Linda invested her money and time in vocal lessons and began to break out of her shell. She trained with Leonard Colletti Proteges privately for 4 years and also trained with the very talented & well know Don Lawrence for about a year. Linda was on her way to accomplish what most people would think is impossible. But her determination was unwavering.

Her career began to flow. She has performed various solos for dinner shows, fundraisers, television productions and fashion presentations. In 2005 she was featured on "Lullaby" from Hed Kandi's Winter Chill Album. Yet even success comes some doubts.

"A couple of years ago I thought about giving up. I tried out for American Idol and I didn't make it. I knew during the audition I failed myself, I was easily discouraged especially during that time of my life. I've learned though in this business nothing comes easy and you have to be ready for disappointment. It's taken me some time to realize how important it is to stay focused, be patient and have faith in what you believe in."

Her belief system only revived her and put on a more stable path. In the summer of 2007 at Whitehouse in the Hamptons for Party 105.3 Summer Mega Jam was her first real major performance. Party 105.3 had asked Linda to perform along side other major dance artists. It turned out to be the most memorable moment for her thus far.

Her most recent single called "Wherever You Are" released by Amathus Music is a dance music favorite. It has managed to place her on the dance charts nationally and played on radio shows across the country. Presently, Amathus Music has released a new album "Hands Up: Anthems" which features the track "Because The Night" which Linda O is the vocalist ""Because the Night" is such a terrific song. I was thrilled to be given the opportunity to re-record this greatest hit and bring a contemporary feel to this classic."

When it comes to improving her skills becoming a songwriter and writing lyrics would be at the top of her list. "Definitely writing...It doesn't come that natural for me so I would love to improve on that." Linda like many other recording artists have aspirations for bigger things. "I hope to have a hit single and go on tour & maybe even open up for the Pussy Cat Dolls!"

At first Linda's parents were skeptical. Like most parents they did not think that she could handle the industry but after years of training and building her confidence they saw how much she wanted it. Regardless what they have going on, they make it a point to be there for Linda. "Any event or performance they are always there and believe in me all the way."

Presently, Linda is hard at work at developing new music and honing her talent. From a ground breaking point of view Linda believes for any female looking to venture into this career she better be strong and assert herself in any way possible. Only then she may be successful.