Olympic Taekwondo

Written by karate  |  17. August 2008

Taekwondo is considered to be the unofficial /official National Sport of Korea. Taekwondo is known for it's kicking and high flying techniques. When I first started my martial arts training in the lates 1960's, my first disipline was Tang Soo Do another Korean Martial Art. I have met and exchanged martial art dialogue with two great Korean Grand Masters YH Park and S Henry Cho and was left with a lifetime respect they have and pass along to their students their passion and tradition for Korean Karate. This Olympics feature an outstanding TaeKwonDo field of competitors. South Korea ,China,Taipei and the United States are medal favorites this Summer Olympics. In Olympic competition there are eight events in weight classes decided by single elimination. In other words the winners go on to face each other till a Champion is crowned. Taekwondo is one of the most traditional martial arts still being practiced all over the world just as it is in Korea. When a student earns a Black Belt in Taekwondo, they must be registered in Korea with a Grandmaster and recieve a Black Belt Certificate from Korea. If you are at all interested in The Martial Arts I suggest you tune in or TiVo The TaeKwonDo Events. They start August 20th. Just a Reminder The Long Island Kempo/Kenpo Invitational will be held Sunday Nov 9th at The Holiday Inn in Ronkonkama . If your interested contact me at (866) 95-Karate The Results are in and as expected S.Korea dominated the Taekwondo Competition. In Gold medals S.Korea had a very impressive 8 Gold medals.Team USA had a total of 4 Gold Medals. The USA's Heaveyweight Jimmy Kim spoiled a S Korean mens TKD sweep. Jimmy Kim lit up the Heavyweight field with impressive victorys and an Olympic Gold Medal. The Womens Competition was dominated by The American competitors. Dana Hee,Arlene Limas and Heavywight Lynette Love all scored Gold Medal Wins. Congratulations to all the Competitors on the US Olympic Team. You have made us all proud.

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