The Benefit of Physical Exercise on your Body

Written by healthandfitness  |  13. August 2004

Warm weather is here! and I am often asked what the "Best" exercise is to maintain your bathing suit look throughout the summer and beyond! The answer is simple. There is NO best exercise! And let me add there is no such thing as SPOT reducing. Employing a variety of exercises and activities is your best bet, because it helps stimulate your and mind, and keeps you from having the same old routine. And summer is the best time of year to vary your routine! Physically, variety employs various stresses on your body and yes - exercise is stress! These stresses placed on the body create improvement through adaptation. The more you change your routine, the more your body adapts to those changes, and the more energy is required for that adaptation. This translates into burning more calories - we all love that! Each program you embark on should incorporate all three of the below items. 1. Strength Training Benefits Strength training improves joint stability, the quaility and quanity of muscle fiber. The formula is the following. More muscle equals more calories burned at rest. The shape of your physical structure changes and becomes more refined. Remember, we all look the same underneath. 2. Flexibility Training Benefits Flexibility training lowers your risk of injury. You also perform better in activities, increase blood supply and nutrients to your body. 3. So, what do I recommend? Change your exercise every few weeks. Always stretch after activity while your body is still warm. Take advantage of the warm weather while it is here. And make sure you rest. Your body needs to repair and will adapt during your resting phase. More isn't better, but some is better than none! Have a safe and healthy summer season.

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