Paul Ryan, Republican Vice Presidential Candidate

Romney announced Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin as his Vice Presidential pick on Saturday.

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Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney named Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan as his running mate on Saturday.  Their first joint appearance took place in front of the U.S.S. Wisconsin at the Hampton Roads Naval Museum in Norfolk, Va., but Romney had notified his base of supporters earlier in the morning by phone.  

Paul Ryan has built a reputation among tea party conservatives with his proposed budget, called The Path to Prosperity:  A Blueprint for American Renewal, which called for a remake of Medicare and undo “Obamacare.”  Ryan’s supporters are optimistic that the plan will reduce the federal deficit by trillions.  Critics of the plan argue that the changes to Medicare could be disastrous.  Overall the plan called for $5.3 trillion in spending cuts over a decade.
The Ryan Plan’s would remodel Medicare by providing seniors with checks they could use to buy health insurance, as opposed to the government paying health care providers directly.  The plan also targets social programs like Medicaid, food stamps and student loans.  
Romney’s campaign praised the Wisconsin Representative for his work to “eliminate the federal deficit, reform the tax code and preserve entitlements for future generations.”  Romney and Ryan had several appearances together throughout Romney’s campaign, and Ryan made an endorsement before Wisconsin’s primary, saying, “The moment is here.  The country can be saved.”
Ryan is not expected to win major electoral votes during the election; Wisconsin has 10, and historically votes democrat, but he is expected to solidify the conservative vote.  For months, Romney’s campaign has battled critics who demand Romney release more of his income-tax records.  Recently, Romney has had to deflect criticisms of his health care program in Massachusetts, commonly called “Romneycare,” which has been cited as a role model for President Obama health care reform.  It is hoped that Ryan’s reputation as a leading Washington conservative, will overcome Romney’s other setbacks.
Left-wing outlets were also pleased to hear Romney’s choice for VP, believing that Ryan’s extreme conservatism will deter a portion of Romney supporters.
Ryan was reported to be preparing for a week-long vacation in Colorado earlier this week.  Romney will continue to tour through battleground states won by Obama in 2008.  
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