Affordable used engines are avialable with low miles

Written by Peter Jones  |  12. August 2011

Low Mileage Engines, LLC is proud to announce a new lineup of low-cost used engines. Teaming up directly with suppliers of used engines strategically positioned across United States is allowing low mileage engines to sell used engines at prices previously impossible to customers, while maintaining excellent shipping rates, excellent customer service levels, and an operating environment good for all parties involved in each transaction. Low Mileage Engines, LLC has enjoyed growth each year of its existence. Two years ago pricing began to become an issue in some sales. Our customers have always demanded used engines with low miles but the recession has made it more difficult for folks to scrounge the money together to pay for used engines of this quality. The solution to this problem has been a series of sweeping new deals with existing suppliers that afford Low Mileage Engines, LLC the pricing leverage demanded by customers. The end results of this have been massive price reductions. For example, 2.2L Toyota Camry engines are now priced 30% cheaper than they were in the past. While prices have lowered, standards have not. Low Mileage Engines, LLC is still dedicated to providing long-lasting used engines that fit properly the first time. Every order still goes through a rigorous verification process with multiple sets of eyes verifying proper interchange. Every salesperson still works with customers to make sure that customers understand as much as possible of the engine replacement process. "Many customers have told me after their engine has been successfully installed that they appreciated the time that we took to explain the engine replacement process to them," said Matthew Nowlin, Operations Manager. "Surprises are not fun, especially when they cost money. We don't tell people what we think they want to hear, we tell them the truth. So when I tell someone they shouldn't just drop an engine in without a certain amount of prep work and I then explain to them what the prep work is, most people appreciate it. When I told him that most used engines that fail do so because of improper installation and a lack of prep work, they're glad they took the time to talk to me. Our competitors don't do that. To be honest, it helps them sell a lot of used engines... But it does not help create a loyal customer base for the future." While lowering costs is important, Low Mileage Engines, LLC remains committed to the philosophy that performing a repair properly the first time leads to lower costs when compared to having to perform repair multiple times. Replacing used engines is simply not cheap. Having to replace used engines multiple times is beyond not cheap. A lower price and better understanding of the engine replacement process are the only reasons customers will benefit purchasing used engines from Low Mileage Engines, LLC. Offering an excellent warranty still remains a major focus of the company. This is why the company is committed to securing extended warranty deals with as many of its partner suppliers as possible.

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