Digital Signature application is in demand for the secure E-Business transactions

Written by Mark Taylor  |  11. August 2011

Online transactions are now quite popular and they needs some type of authentic signature. Digital signature is the perfect solution for such transactions and it is the current demand of the organization. Some steps should be taken by the legal authority to make it easy for the organizations to use digital signature by giving a legal certificate to the application. Online business is growing day by day, and people are using internet for every transaction. Most of the deals are done online and there is a need of some authentic and secure mode of transactions which can make it easy for the organizations to use internet for most of the processes they are going through while running their business online. Hand written signature can be used for the paper transactions but there is no application other then Digital Signature which can be used to sign a document. Internet transactions are not safe because of the hackers and many illegal people who always want harm others by doing frauds. Electronic signature is most secure applications and they are most reliable application which is used for signing a document for online transactions. Electronic Signature technology is a type of code system which is decoded by associated parties and others can't misuse the information. If a person is using internet for all the his transactions then it is a good application for him to use to provide the authenticity and security of transactions by signing document with the help of a electronic application. A recent study on the electronic transactions reveals that most of the transactions are not secured because they does not carried a digital signature and there was no way to prove that the transaction was done by authorize person. But when a Digital Signature is used by the parties involved in transactions then it was a secure transaction and there was no issue of privacy and identification of the authentic person. Many E-business transaction deals are done by using paper because the associated parties are no sure about the authenticity of the documents provided online by the party and they can't take risks. Health industries are also doesn't feel comfortable to use Electronic Signature as the digital identification of a person and they also relay on the paper transactions for most of the deals. It is the responsibility of the governing bodies to make sure that the electronic transactions are secured and organizations can use Digital Signature for signing documents online. E-business is a field which is developing day by day but it is not getting the right exposure just because there is no secure mode of transactions. Paper transactions are used by most of the organizations till now for the deals and it is proved to be a costly and time consuming process. If electronic signature gets the proper authenticity then it will save a lot of money and also provide some sort of relief to the people who are searching for secure and convenient mode of transactions for online business deals.

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