Marketing Ideas for Selling a Car

Written by Aboriginalart1  |  10. August 2011

The sales industry today is getting more and more competitive. selling a caris not as it used to be. Traditional marketing strategies are not enough any more for sellers to meet their target. Whether you are a dealer or a just a private seller, there are many modern avenues that you can use to market your vehicle. There are expensive and also free marketing opportunities for you. Both can be effective. Before you start with a marketing plan, you need to determine first how much you are willing to spend. Join a Social Network You will surely agree that the internet has totally changed the way we do business. With almost 100 million people on social networking websites such as Facebook, it is a virtual gold mine. This is a great avenue to market your car sales business. You don't even have to place an advertisement. Market your Car Online You can post your car for sale on Craigslist or an online auction site like eBay. Some local newspapers accept internet advertising on their website for a fee and you can purchase printed ads spots as well. Remember to place a link to your own website in the advertisement if you are a dealer. There are other sites to consider such as AutoTrader or Cars.com. They both have options for a single sale or a package. Social networking sites such as Myspace and Facebook also carry ads and may prove beneficial to you. You can buy a banner ad at those websites that advertises the fact that your car is for sale. Go outside where the people are When buyers can?t come to your shop, go to them. I once saw a brand new car parked inside a mall, there were so many people as curious as me and a few were talking to an agent on how they could buy it. Before the week was over, the dealer had some confirmed orders. Whether you are a dealer or an individual seller, you will benefit from parking and displaying a vehicle in a usually crowded place like a mall or high-traffic area like a parking lot or a busy roadside with a sign that says, ?For Sale.? When parking a car along a roadside, use a sign with bright big letters to catch people?s attention. Include a contact number that is big enough for a passer-by to see. Mall advertising may be expensive but very effective. Car shows are also beneficial to car sellers. You can enter your vehicle in the show or simply leave it on the parking lot with a sign to grab the attention of buyers. Most people in car shows are car enthusiasts or car buyers so you won?t have much difficulty making a sale there if you play it right. Let Word of Mouth Work for You In most cases, word of mouth is a great marketing tool both for the individual seller and dealer. A private seller should let other people know that he is selling his vehicle. He can even ask them to pass on the message to others as well. Even though his friends and acquaintances are not buying, they may know someone who does. Dealers on the other hand should always strive to satisfy his customers as people usually make recommendations to their friends when they are satisfied. A dealer can even offer an incentive to satisfied customers for a business referral. The incentive can be in cash or free services such as an oil change. Giving away free dealer license plate brackets or stickers with the dealer?s information to a customer who has already bought from you is also a good idea. Please visit : http://www.sellthecars.com

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