Ten Ways to Get Organized for the School Year

Written by Debbi Spiegel  |  10. August 2013

With the start of school, families face new challenges.  School bells ring, but so do early-morning alarm clocks.  Get organized now for the best school year ever! These next few weeks are the perfect time to re-introduce a school year bedtime.  Begin waking late sleepers earlier and earlier-closer to the time they will need to rise when school starts.  Also, think of getting stomach's on a school-like schedule. 

Shopping will become an Olympic sport.  There is just so much to buy.  The basic school supplies,  new sneakers and clothes.  It pays to spend more money on backpacks that will be sturdy and last throughout the entire school year and beyond. 

Try to prepare for tomorrow today.  Do as much in advance as possible.  Layout outfits and get the non-perishable items into the lunchboxes at night.  This can help academic success as well as teaching your kids life lessons of being organized.

A new school year is a fresh start for both kids and parents!  Use these ideas to prepare your home and family for the busy days ahead.

  • Calendar Central- Hang a grid calendar on the refrigerator.  Make sure that each family member checks their column daily.  Even with smartphones, this will keep everyone organized.
  • Get on a school year time schedule- It will take time to adjust to going to bed and waking up earlier.
  • Create a study space- The kitchen table is usually at the center of chaos in a home.  Make a quiet place for homework and studying.  Even preschoolers get homework.  It is never too early to start good habits.
  • Menu planning- will save those extra trips to the supermarket.
  • Schedule haircut appointments.
  • Grab those school supply lists- Hit the office & school supply stores.  There are some great deals to be had before school starts.
  • Get your camera ready.  Make sure the battery is charged and the memory stick is inserted.  Think of creative ways to mark the first day of school.  Holding up the number of fingers of the grade is fun.
  • For the younger set, get books from the library or bookstore about the first day of school.  "Miss Bindergarten Gets Ready For Kindergarten" and "First Grade, Here I Come" come to mind.  "The Kissing Hand" and "A Pocketful of Kisses" will remind kids how much you love them.
  • Write a note on your child's napkin in their lunchbox.  This will be a surprise way to reassure them and their success.
  • Finally, don't sweat the small stuff!


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