Tips on How to Sell a Car

Written by Sell Myvar  |  09. August 2011

If you are selling a car, here are the few tips onhow to sell a car It is best to advertise to direct buyers than going to a dealer because private transactions always generate bigger income than selling to a dealer. And when you start to deal with your direct buyers, always keep in mind some very important things the price, the performance and the paperwork. The first one represents your interest and the last two represents your buyer's. For your interest, consider the price you will offer for the sale of your car. Go to your favorite and trusted mechanic so that he can give you a fair assessment of the car, appraise its value and identify parts for repairs. This will prevent buyers from asking to lower the price by saying the car needs major work. You should then place a mark up fee of around 30% of the price the mechanic told you. The 30% mark ? up on top of the mechanic?s price is divided into two portions. The first 20% will be your earnings. The remaining 10% will be used if the customer haggles to lower the price. You can actually give it away as a discount and settle for the 20% but if you are lucky and the buyer does not bargain you are richer by 10%! The second consideration is for the interest of the buyer ? the car?s performance. Always put yourself in the buyer's shoes. When I say performance I mean the general running condition of the car and the over all look. The most important thing, among anything else, is the car's mileage. Any car that reaches 120,000 miles is already a bad buy because from that point on the car will need many repairs. As a seller, you cannot command a higher price if your car has already reached or exceeded that mileage. Experience tells us that at that point the car will frequently end up at the mechanic's shop for repairs. Now, in order to get a higher price for your car, it would be wise to invest a little bit of money for small repairs especially for parts that can easily be seen by clients. Fixing the wiper, the muffler, the tail light, and the doors will help a lot in bringing the price higher. Also, a clean car always looks better than a dirty car. Dirty floor mats, dusty dashboards, hood and windshield speckled with dead flying insects make for a cheap buy, as far as buyers are concerned. So bring your car to the carwash for cleaning, vacuuming, washing, waxing and armor-alls. You might also want to research and compare with other sellers' prices for the same car model. This will help you decide on a realistic price. The last consideration is the paperwork of the car. First, run a history report of your car through Carfax.com, and then print a hard copy to show buyers. You should also get the title ready as well as a bill of sale or a car transfer form available from the DMV, updated emissions certificate, and registration. After you have done all these, you are now ready to post ads in the newspapers, over the internet, in your car?s window, on community billboards, etc. You may also want to create a website to post pictures of the car, highlighting essential selling points like low mileage, good condition and the like. Please Visit : http://www.junkthecar.com

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