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Cash for your Junk cars, anyone?

Your car is as good as dead and it's just taking space in your garage. You can forget about a trade-in or putting it on sale as you know nobody would buy ?junk?. Well, not ...

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Your car is as good as dead and it's just taking space in your garage. You can forget about a trade-in or putting it on sale as you know nobody would buy ?junk?. Well, not really. Believe it or not, you can actually get cash for cars

The automotive parts industry is thriving. Your car may not be in running condition anymore and is just plain junk, but it can still have parts that can be used on cars that are from the same model. People in the auto salvage business sell car parts based on the parts they purchase from the junk cars to repair shops and even vehicle owners at a lower price than new spare parts. So, they would be more than willing to buy your junk car from you and would even come all the way to your house to tow them away. To be able to get how to sell a carthese are some options you need to learn in order to make the best sale.

1. Get the vehicle title ready.

Since the car may be old, you might have neglected the vehicle title. You need this to establish ownership. Any legal business will buy only from the legitimate owner. So, if the car has your father's name on the title or somebody else's, you will need to have it transferred to your name. If it?s legally yours then get it out of the drawer and have it ready.

2. Make an assessment of the vehicle

Before putting it on sale, assess the car to be sold. Write down a list of any damage to the body of the vehicle and systems that don?t work anymore. If any of the auto parts had been removed before, include that in the list. Check the condition of the interior as well as the tire wear. An auto salvage dealer will usually ask you some questions regarding the vehicle before he will make an offer.

3. Have the car repaired

If it still possible, take your old car to a mechanic and have it repaired so that it will become roadworthy. Then drive it yourself to a salvage lot. You will get a better price for the effort, as much as 10 times more than a junk car that is not running.

4. Ask for a quote from auto salvage dealers

Before you finally sell your junk car, call the different auto salvage dealers in your area and ask for a quote. Don?t forget to ask them too whether they would be willing to tow your car away. However, an auto salvage lot that is too far away from you may not agree to shoulder the long-distance towing.

5. Deliver the car to the Auto salvage dealer.

If you deliver the car to the salvage lot yourself you will get a higher price. Salvage yards will be willing to pay you more if they don?t have to tow it for you. You can use a tow dolly, a tow bar or any other legal towing means to bring the vehicle to the lot.

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