True Reiki Success Stories

Written by reiki-stress  |  09. August 2006

by Gary M. Spolansky, MBA Reiki Master/Teacher (please note that names, dates, places, etc., have been changed or excluded in these accounts to protect the privacy of the individual's involved.) Veronica's Voice Veronica worked for the Probation Dept. and as part of her responsibilities, was required to make recommendation's to the judge on whether particular people convicted of crimes should receive a jail sentence, community service, prolonged detention, etc. As you might imagine, her job was quite stressful - so much so, that she retired 5 years early. I met her several years ago when she came to a lecture I was giving on Reiki here on Long Island. She spoke to me in a quiet halting voice explaining that the stress of her work had effected her ability to speak normally. Additionally, there was a massing of fluid on the back of her neck. I recognized this as a symptomatic representation of a blockage in the communication chakra - also known as the throat chakra. For those who may not be familiar with the term chakra, it is a Vedic word and literally translates as wheel. Chakra's are subtle energy center's that connect the energies of the aura (spirit) with the physical body. There are 7 major connection points at the major glands of the Endocrine System starting at the base of the spine and rising up through the crown of the head. Had she not told me of her the difficulty she was having speaking, this massing would have been a strong clue to what was going on and would have caused me to question her regarding communication issues. As I do in my lectures, I ask members of the audience to volunteer to experience the benefits Reiki could provide in releasing stress and related symptoms. As I began to work, Veronica told me she was feeling a little bit of warmth on the side of her face. I continued working and the sense of warmth increased a bit but not very much. I worked with her for only about 5 minutes as there were 25 people in the audience and I had hoped to assist a as many as I could that evening. When I finished I asked her to return to her seat and allow the energy to work as the energy will continue working even though the session has ended. She went back to her seat and I continued with my demonstrations periodically looking over to see how she was doing. Over the few minutes I noticed that her face was slightly twitching. About 15 minutes later, I looked over and saw that the twitching was becoming much more exaggerated. I asked her if she was ok and she nodded yes. Veronica then told me she had been feeling a significant degree of warmth throughout her face, neck and throat but there was no sense of anxiety or fear in her face or in her manner. Gradually, the twitching subsided and she was smiling radiantly. I asked her to tell the audience what she had experienced and she said she felt she had released of a great deal of tension in her face and neck. More importantly, she was no longer speaking in that quiet, halting voice she had at the beginning of the lecture. Now, she was able to speak clearly and distinctly with a full normal voice. The twitching was the result of the tension in her face, neck and throat being released and cleared. It took years for Veronica to get this way and in the course of an hour and half program, much of her tension was released. Catherine's Cancer I was asked to help heal a Catherine who was undergoing chemotherapy treatment for a brain tumor. In addition to the difficulties this 2 1/2 year old had to endure because of her illness, as well as the negative effects of chemotherapy - she was unable to sleep well, waking up numerous times at night. As a result her parents, who were doing everything they knew how to do to comfort and help her through this were also struggling because of her broken sleep pattern. They asked me to help her and I explained that I was certain that Reiki would help ease the child's stress and fear, but I was uncertain of how much I could help the tumor. Further complicating things was that the child could only speak a little Spanish and was not very trusting. Not surprising when you consider how she had been prodded and poked by the various medical people who were trying to help her, over the course of her illness. In addition, she would not let me come close to her and cried when I did. To do this treatment, I had to sit in a chair across from them and send the energy while she stayed in her mother's arms. During the course of the session, she eventually fell asleep. The next day her mother called to tell me that Catherine continued to sleep after they left my office and had slept through the night for a total of 12 hours. When she awoke, she was happy and playful. The parents also felt rested because they were able to sleep as well. I wasn't able to significantly assist the healing of the tumor but felt gratified that I could help release this child's stress and tiredness. Note: Please keep in mind that Reiki is not intended as a stand alone treatment and although some have had success in regressing cancerous tumors, Reiki should not be considered as a stand alone modality. Cancer's are very complex diseases both physically and emotionally and are best treated by a team of competent medical, emotional and energetic experts. Isabella's Insomnia In another case, an otherwise healthy woman came to me for help with insomnia. Isabella had been significantly stressed for quite a while as a result of family issues and hadn't had a full nights sleep in 3 years. After discussing the sources of her stress prior to the session, we began the treatment. As a way to further enhance the benefits she would receive, I asked her to make a specific intention by calling upon her Higher Self to assist her to release the thoughts, fears and experiences that underlie her stress as it served her highest good. I do this because it helps to connect a client's mind with the emotions and issues most ready to heal. As the session progressed she began to relax and almost fell asleep on the table. That night Isabella slept pretty well waking up only once to use the bathroom. The following week she came back for another treatment. This time she not only slept completely through the night but for a total for 11 hours straight. There was no doubt in her mind or mine for that matter, that the Reiki energy helped her to release the stress she was carrying. Barry's Back Barry came to me with significant pain in his lower back. Prior to me, he had seen his doctor who had taken x-rays of the area and performed a thorough examination to determine the cause of his pain. When his doctor was finished he told Barry that he had could find no physical cause for his complaint and suggested he rest, take it easy and the pain would probably ease in a few days. The following day he was referred to me by a former client who had also had this kind of back pain. When he came to see me I asked him to tell me about the stresses in his life. He told me that he and his wife had been arguing recently and that he was feeling a great deal of stress due to the cost of college for his 2 daughters. I recognized that Barry's stress was the cause of his pain and explained that it was the stress that was causing his back pain. When the session was complete, he slowly got off the table not certain what he would feel. Then he began to gingerly stretch. Little by little he moved his arms and back to see if he felt any pain but there was none - it was all gone. He has come to me on several occasions since that time and always leaves feeling better. So you may be asking, why was Reiki able to help him but not the doctor. Back pain without the physical causes such as spinal issues, bulging, deteriorated, or herniated disc or other similar organic cause comes from stress and Barry had plenty of it. His stress came from the arguments with his wife and the pressures of paying for his daughters college education. Stress comes not from the situation but how that situation triggers our unresolved issues, fears and, trauma's. These experiences when triggered, blocked the normal flow of energy through the spine and in the body. The Reiki energy soothes these blockages, restoring balance and flow to this blocked up energy. When the blockage is cleared the pain is released. I hope you find this information useful and would appreciate your comments or questions. In next month's column, I will add more Reiki success stories. If you would like to experience for yourself how Reiki can help you let go of the afflictions and discomfort that have held you back from enjoying life to its fullest - call to schedule your Reiki session today! For more information on upcoming Workshops and Classes or to schedule a private Reiki Session for yourself, please call us at 516-333-7404 or visit us at www.myreikicenter.com

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