The Importance of Annual Check-ups: Getting The Most From Veterinary Visits And Keeping Healthy Pets

Written by Sue Zizza  |  03. August 2011

The Long Island Veterinary Medical Association reminds pet owners of the importance of annual veterinary visits and check-ups for their family pets. There are several things to remember when planning a veterinary visit that can lead to healthier and happier pets living longer lives: 1) Be sure to tell your veterinarian about any changes in your animal's weight or eating habits, this can signal diseases like diabetes and thyroid conditions. 2) Turning down primary diagnostic testing when in the exam room can also lead to more expensive health treatments for diseases like diabetes and obesity, which if caught early are very manageable into a pet's senior years. Remember, not bringing your pet to the veterinarian for annual, and, or, regular, check-ups can pose serious health threats that can lead to possible costly pet care bills later on. Bring your pet in for a check-up to ensure it gets the care it needs and dangerous illnesses can be detected and treated before it is too late. If you are having trouble remembering your pet's veterinary appointment schedule, ask that your veterinarian send reminders when it's time for a check-up.

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