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The summer is winding down and so is my term of being the Karaoke expert. I hope this column has been of help to you over the summer and that I may ...

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The summer is winding down and so is my term of being the Karaoke expert. I hope this column has been of help to you over the summer and that I may have gotten one or two of you to try Karaoke for the first time! That will have made it all worthwhile! : ) I also hope you got a chance to go thru those links from last week as there were some interesting things in them. I'm putting at least one up this week as well. This one has nothing to do with Karaoke but I think you'll have some good chuckles when you go through this site! It has to do with songs that we all seem to sing the wrong words to! Check it out, you'll like it!

News Flash!!!

There will be a Talent Search on August 14th @ 7 PM at Classics Sports Bar & Grill! They are looking for celebrity soundalike singers, duos and vocal groups from the 60's, 70's, 80's and 90's.

Classics is located at:

3271 Hempstead Tpke.,Levittown

*(516) 731-7830*

Good Luck! : )

I heard that last year's 1st prize winner

won $25,000.00! Yee Haa!

Ok, as for the story I promised you last week, I was right, I did cool down on the subject but only because I didn't go out singing last week...Like I said, some people spoke to me about this subject and asked me to write up something about it, so it's not just My opinion. I'm not going to use real names of places or people.

We had started going to a place that had then just started offering Karaoke, "Sammy's Karaoke Bar" and we really liked it. (Don't go looking for "Sammy's, it doesn't exist!) The sound was great and the song choices were right up there with the best! Just when we figured this was the Best place to go, "Mr. Highfallootin" comes to town. He has connections to a recording studio and recording contracts. He decides to go around to all of the Karaoke places around here and pick out certain singers that fit the criteria he's searching for. Ok, that's all well and good,

in fact, That's Great!!

But he then decides that he also likes Sammy's Karaoke Bar...What does he do? He tells All of the people that have 'interested' him, to go to Sammy's so he can hear them there! What's the problem you may be asking? Well, when Mr. Highfallootin is around,(every week) the only people that can sing are his 'chosen ones'. He tells the person who's running the Karaoke, who goes up and when...

Meanwhile, the rest of us lowly schmoes, the regulars, are standing around and wondering when the hell we are gonna sing as we wait hour after hour for Highfallootin to decide just how many times he needs to hear the same person get up to sing!

Three or so hours later, he decides he's heard enough and it's time for him to leave. As he does, all the people who came for Him, leave as well. They have no desire to be there if He's not there. Now you're left with the faithful regulars who managed to hang around without walking out in disgust. Suddenly the 'leftovers' are scrambling to get a song in in the last remaining 45 minutes...

What's wrong with this picture???? You decide. And no, this is not a 'sour grapes' article. The man never even heard me do a solo. How could he, I was never allowed to do one until after he left!

We stopped going there. We had this strange delusion that you go to a Karaoke bar to sing, hmmmm, silly us. I don't know if the other folks who spoke to me about this have stopped going as well, but I wouldn't be surprised if they have.

I've also been hearing a lot of complaints about how the contests are run. They are very strong arguments and I must say I agree with most of them.

Have you come across a Karaoke situation that you would like me to write about here? If so, please write to me about it This Week! If I can get enough material to keep this page going, then by all means I will keep it going! Let me know if you want to have the Karaoke expert stick around...

And now for that fun site I was telling you about!

  • Kiss This Guy

    They show you the words of the song the way it Really is and then a common, or not-so-common in some cases, way the words came out sounding like. Then the person tells you about the embarassing situation in which they found out they had the words wrong all along! It's a fun site! Enjoy!

    Ahhh, you say you want more links! You want em I got em! : )

  • KaraokeNetwork

    There are some very funny Karaoke articles written by Karaoke singers at this site!

  • Computer Karaoke

    Very good site! For some reason, the Song Master Index Link at the site isn't working at the moment But even without it, there's enough to keep you happy here!

  • Karaoke Performances

    At this site, some brave souls got together and recorded themselves singing Karaoke! Do you dare to click on This one? LOL!

    If you would like to get in touch with me, here's my address:


    Have fun out there and sing one for me!