Feel Like Royalty on Your Wedding Day - Planning a Magical Fairytale Evening!

Written by Chelsea Triola  |  02. August 2014

Most women dream of their wedding day while growing up, picturing their white wedding dress and an elegant setting with loved ones all around. Just because you’ve grown up doesn’t mean you can’t turn your dreams into a reality! 
Why not have a fairytale themed wedding and create your own magical atmosphere for you and your guests to enjoy? If you live near a historic castle, you can choose this as your venue which would be the icing on the cake! If the castle idea is out of reach, no worries! We have suggestions that will make your day feel like you’re truly living in a fairytale, even without the castle!
When you think of a fairytale, extreme elegance comes to mind. Pick out a color scheme that you will use all throughout your wedding and incorporate the colors into your invites. Once you have the colors you’d like, dress up the invitations with jewels or fun fairy dust along the edges. As for the invitation decor, a horse and carriage above the information would look gorgeous or an image of a castle. The fairytale theme leaves you with an an endless amount of invitation ideas! You can even throw some glitter into the envelopes for a mystical touch. 
As your guests enter the celebration, have a large sign pointing towards the door that says “Happily ever after starts here!” Decorate it with glitz and glam to make it pop even more. These signs can be set up all around the party with cute sayings such as “Once upon a time…” and more! On the bride and groom's chairs, place signs on the back of each saying “His Princess” and “Her Prince.” You can even make these yourself so you can spend more on the larger details! Fancy them up a bit like the other signs with glitter and diamonds to complete the magical fairytale look. Really create a whimsical atmosphere by placing mini candles around your event to be used as “fairy lights.” If you’re having your wedding celebration under a tent or in a grand room, hang drapery from the ceiling and include some rope lighting into the fabric. This will set the mood for the entire room and will look absolutely stunning!
A unique centerpiece idea that would look wonderful in person and in photos too, is a white bird cage. Set it up in the center of the table with some greenery and flowers billowing out from the openings. You can even add your own diamonds and glitter to make it sparkle from across the room. An alternate idea that would too be a huge hit, a royal coach! You can place a candle inside to set a romantic mood or you can even put flowers inside this centerpiece, as well. If you’re interested in something more extravagant, go with a tall centerpiece that is noticeable as soon as you enter the room. It can be a floral arrangement with lights and diamonds dangling from it, which will really compliment the lit up drapery. 
Favors are a special way to say thank you to your friends and family for joining in on your big day. Send them home with some “fairy dust” in a tiny bottle with a mini wand attached. Place bath salts inside the bottle to use as the fairy dust! Your guests can put this to use and relax a bit after an enjoyable evening. Don’t forget to personalize your favors by adding a ribbon with your wedding date and last name on it! 
Magical Exit
As your wedding day comes to a close, you want to leave in a way that you and your guests will never forget! Have a vintage horse carriage lead by a beautiful white horse waiting outside for you and your partner. Throw some lighting on the carriage so you can see it perfectly in the night time. This exit will surely be a magnificent way to say goodbye to your guests and an even better beginning to your journey as a married couple!
Have a fairytale wedding idea you would like to share? Comment below!

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