Even an Expert needs advice - HELP!

Written by lisingles  |  02. August 2000

Ok, so there's this guy who i've been in love with since like - well like forever. And he never seems to understand how lucky he would be to just be with me. No all of my frineds have told me - "just forget him, he's a loser" and "he doesn't deserve you" which I know is all true but - I just know that we belong together. You ever get that feeling? Where the chemistry is always perfect - and the way you are together and the way you are apart just seems to flow so well? Its like you can be two entirely different people and then when you come together you just meld into one? I know atleast a few of you must know what I'm talking about. Well, I've told him that I've loved him, and how I feel about him - and he has told me he cares a great deal for me but he's never said the "L" word. SO here I am - stumped. Now before most of you women scream - "Lose Him!" there are a few things you must understand. #1 - We've been best-friends for a long time (about 8 years) and we've been through everything together. Girlfriends/boyfriends -the whole nine. #2 -We've been romantically involved before several times. #3 - We both know each other like a book. Now, I know most of the responses I'll probally get - after all I know the advice I would give - But this is your chance Long Island to give ME some advice. E-mail me with your thoughts and I'll post them and we'll see if others agree.

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