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Written by karaoke  |  28. July 2000

I hope everyone got their vacations in while we were having all of that great weather! Looks like we may finally be getting some of that long over due rain.

I had something planned for this weeks column. I even got some requests for the subject but I'm gonna wait another week for that one in hopes that I cool down a bit on the topic!
Hmmm....got you guessing now huh?

This week I'm giving you some interesting links I've come across while 'Hanging Ten' on the Net!
Did you know you can try Karaoke on your computer???
Yes Boys and Girls! In the privacy of your very own homes, you too can Karaoke!

There are many sites on the Net that provide you with the words and music...but, sorry, they don't provide links to sites that sell soundproofing for your computer room! LOL, You're on your own there! ; )

Some of these sites have links to MANY other such sites, so this should keep you busy right through next week and my next column...

As always, if you want to see some lists of places to try Karaoke on Long Island, just click at the bottom of this page where it says "For More Information".

If you have a particular subject you would like me to write about here, ( having to do with Karaoke of course ) drop me a line at:

Ok, now for the links!

  • Chris Reed's Karaoke
    Chris was very kind, he gives you a choice of whether you want to listen to the sites back ground music or not! Some Midi Files can REALLY drive you insane after, oh, say, THREE SECONDS!!!! This site offers Many song choices!

  • Cyber Karaoke Box
    This is a nice site, not as many song choices but nicely set up and some fun 'alternative' songs to try! This one is fun just for some of the memories the old songs may evoke.

  • Lyrics Connection
    This is a handy site even if you're Not into Karaoke! Lyrics Lyrics Everywhere! Now you can find out all the songs that you've been singing the wrong words to. How many times have you gone up to sing a new song in Karaoke, just to read the words as you're singing and think,"Hey, Those aren't the words!" And no, CCR was NOT singing about a "Bathroom on the Right"!!!

  • Karaoke! Karaoke!
    Now This is what I call a Karaoke site! Wow! Give your dog your credit cards to bury in the yard when you visit this one! Many Tempting Goodies! If your dogs a chewer, better give them to the cat, cats will only bury them in their litter box! ; )

  • Karaoke Heaven
    Ok, ok, so I made up that link name but it fits! You'll have fun getting lost in this site and you may wish to let the cat continue burrying those credit cards! ( You didn't feel like digging into that litter box anyway right? ) So, have fun and just Click Click Click!

    Alrighty then, that should keep you busy for a while. Check back again during the course of the week, I'm sure I'll be adding some more!

    Until next time, Keep it Fun, keep it Safe and sing one for me! : )

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