Wedding DIY: Creating a Unique Guestbook!

Written by Lauren Pozmanter  |  26. July 2012

Most people wish to share the memory of their wedding day with the people they love most. The easiest way to make sure every person invited gets to send you off into married life is through the guest book. Traditionally, a guest book is placed on a table with a pen for everyone to sign during the reception. But why stick to an old tradition? There are plenty of ways to make your guest books fun and creative.

There are many different options for a guestbook. It really doesn’t have to be a book at all. With a few out of the ordinary ideas you can make your guest books another decoration in your wedding. You can even make your guestbook a decoration in your house for years to come as a reminder of your special day and the friends who shared it with you. Some can even be used years to come on your big anniversaries for people to sign.

The great thing about a unique guestbook is that it also lets you add a personal touch to your wedding. Instead of just a plain book you can have something that reflects you as a couple. Ideas from surfboards to records allow you to show off this fun side of you. Here are a few more ideas to make your guest books unique and special:

Beach Themed: As summer begins you can be sure to see a ton a beach themed weddings on Long Island. With such a fun theme, you should have an equally fun guestbook. For those with a love of surfing, you can make a surfboard guestbook. Simply go out and buy a new or used surfboard and prop it up on a table during the reception. With a couple of cool colored markers, your guests can sign the board for a guestbook you can display anywhere. Other beach themed ideas include leaving a large glass bowl full of moderately sized shells or rocks and leaving markers for each guest to sign a shell or rock. After the wedding you will now have a great decoration for your home with reminders of all the friends you shared your special day with.  

Books: Just because you decide to use an actual book doesn’t mean it has to be boring. There are a lot of great ideas using different types of books for the guestbook. A popular idea is to set up a dictionary for everyone to sign. They can circle the word that they think best describes you and write down their well wishes in the margins. You can also use multiple themed books as a fun way to still use books. They can be question books such as “What’s your favorite memory of us?” or “What’s the best marriage advice you’ve ever gotten?”  Leaving these on each table allows your friends and families to give you great advice as well as share fun memories that will last a lifetime. Another take on the book idea is to have a calendar set up and have each of your guests sign their birthday. You can use pictures from the wedding as the images on the calendar and you will have a reminder of everyone’s birthday!

Quirky: Having something completely different and unique for a guestbook is something that will make your wedding day memorable. Using these fun ideas you can make sure you will have something you can cherish forever. If you and your spouse fit together like a puzzle then this idea is perfect for you. Simply take a plain wooden puzzle and at the reception spread the pieces on all of your tables. Leave markers for everyone to sign a piece with, and then put the puzzle together when you get home. You can glue it together and frame it to hang on your wall. For those who love rock and roll you can have a record guestbook. Take an old record you might have or buy a record and paint it glossy black. Leave a silver marker for everyone to sign with. This is a great idea if you are having a music themed wedding!

Anniversaries: Why should you only use a guest book at your wedding when you can use one for your anniversaries as well? Using wine bottles you can have a set of guest books that will last throughout your life. Buying however many bottles of the same wine as you’d like you can set one out on your wedding day for everyone to sign. With each big anniversary you have (first, fifth, tenth, twentieth etc.) you can set out that a different bottle of the same wine for everyone to sign. This is a great way to keep the memories of your wedding alive with each passing year.

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