Yoga Flex: Hot Yoga in Commack

Written by Long Island  |  25. July 2011

Yoga Flex, Commack’s Hot Yoga hot-spot, offers multiple hot yoga classes a day. Hot Yoga is similar to traditional yoga, only the postures performed are in a heated environment, up to over 100 degrees. The increase of temperature in the room allows for an increase in stretching and flexibility, which also can help prevent injury. Because the extreme heat makes you sweat more, hot yoga burns off more calories. Although hot yoga is a great form of exercise which has many benefits, first timers should prepare for the extreme heat by not eating at least 2-3 hours before class and by constantly drinking water to stay hydrated. Located on Commack Road (near Commack movie theater and Bagel Basket), Yoga Flex is an alternative form of exercise or even an add-on to any workouts you have previously tried. With the temperatures soaring high above that of being comfortable during these summer months, instead of exercising outside, hot yoga is a great way to embrace the heat and work out indoors. Hot Yoga could also be helpful in dealing with stress and it can also increase relaxation. Weight loss and toning are also results often found from doing hot yoga. Depending on a variety of factors, anywhere from 350-1000 calories can be burned during a typical 90 minute class. Your own yoga mat, a towel, water and very light weight exercise clothing are needed for participation. However, if any of these things are forgotten, Yoga Flex rents mats and towels and sells water. There are a few different types of classes offered at Yoga Flex. There is Classic Hot Yoga, Barkan Hot Yoga and Barkan Hot Vinyasa. The descriptions of each class can be read about on their website. Yoga Flex offers an introductory special for $20, which is a week of unlimited yoga. Single classes are $20 each. For five classes, it costs $88, for ten classes it costs $160. Both these options expire at the end of three months. If you decided you want to attend classes regularly throughout the year, there is a monthly auto debit which costs $145 for a minimum of three months. Monthly unlimited costs $175 and for six months unlimited it costs $800. Although most classes are taught in a big group with an instructor, private and semi private lessons are available. There is a 10% discount for students with a valid ID and a 10% discount if you renew before your expiration is up. For more information, class times and more, visit http://www.yogaflexny.com.

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