Summer Snapshot: Photography Tips for the Sunny Season

Written by Kelly Tenny  |  23. July 2014

Summer is the perfect time to get outside and start snapping some photos! Whether you prefer hiking through the trails or walking on the beach, the summertime provides a great opportunity for photographers, budding photographers, and those who simply do it to capture those great family moments, to get outside and take some sunny day photos.

Before you start going shutter crazy there are a few things you need to know about taking good photos in the summertime. You need to pick the best times of day to go out and shoot, that way you are working with the light, not fighting against it. You’ll also want to come prepared with protection for your camera since you will be shooting outside subject to the elements. It is also good to brush up on your craft and go over photo composition and quality tips.

Know When To Shoot: The best time to shoot is early in the morning and later in the afternoons/early evening. These are the magic hours of photography because the sun is low in the sky and won’t create too much contrast or harsh light and shadows. Instead you get beautiful hues and diffused light to work with to create your photographs. The longer shadows will also add depth and texture to your shot.

Invest In A Camera Case: If you don’t already have one, especially for in the summer time when it is a peak time to be taking pictures outside and exploring, definitely invest in a camera case. You want to keep your camera intact and have as few mishaps as possible. Plus they often have nifty compartments for different lenses and filters so you can keep most of your camera supplies in one central place.

Try Using A Polarizing Filter: Circular polarizing filters truly enrich the colors and quality of your photographs. They will lessen the glare from bodies of water and deepen the look of skies in your photos. An added bonus is that filter is another layer of protection for the lens on your camera.

All About Angles: One thing that makes photography so great is perspective. You can literally take hundreds of different photographs of the same subject, but from different angles and perspectives, and end up with new and exciting pictures – even though it’s of the same thing! Try out different angles, ones you’d never even thought to shoot from, get up close, or take the photo from above, or only concentrate on one section of the subject to create an abstract photograph. The possibilities are endless.

The Rule of Thirds: Imagine when you look through your view finder there is a grid set up, three boxes on top, three boxes in the middle, and three boxes on the bottom. Line up your subject so they aren’t right in the middle, but situated where the lines of intersection of your imaginary grid would be. This rule of thirds will not only help you work on your composition technique but also create a photograph that works with human’s natural way of viewing images.

Where are you planning to go on Long Island to snap your next set of photos? Let us know in the comments!

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