Dealing with Problem Behaviors in the Pet Dog

Written by animalpsychology  |  22. July 2000

Your dog is digging out of your fenced yard, or he's suddenly fearful of your neighbor or has growled and attempted to bite someone out of "nowhere". Are these things unusual? Does this make you a "bad" dog owner? Emotional and behavioral disturbances in domestic dogs are on the increase, and these are not the result of "bad" owners, abuse, or any other major flaw in the owners' lifestyle or home environment. As pressures upon us increase, dogs respond to our reactions. If you are tired, worried and stressed, your dog *knows* it. The average dog "trainer" may not, and probably does not, know how to deal with some of these behavioral issues. Here is a place to post questions and get answers regarding your dog's behavior problems! You may post to my message board for assistance. And let's not forget our feline and avian friends...any questions regarding domestic animals will be answered. Welcome to Animal Psychology 101! It's a crash course in how you and your family can enjoy your domestic animal companions. J. Connor, Ph.D. Host of "Bite Back", 90.3FM Psych4Dogs@aol.com

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