Have You Tried It Yet? 7/21/00

Written by karaoke  |  21. July 2000

I have been receiving a lot of mail from Karaoke Fans lately and it's been Wonderful!!! Like I said a few weeks back, Karaoke folks are a happy group and I'm glad I have this opportunity to add more fun people into my life! : )

Ok, if you've been reading my columns all along, you should know what my next question will be:

Have YOU tried Karaoke yet?

I did get some mail from people who sound like they would rather face a charging bull, than to get up there and sing in front of *GULP* people!
Been There, Felt That! If you had met me a few years back, Karaoke would have been one of the Last things you would have ever expected me to try! UGH!
I would have been More inclined to try skydiving...

( Sans the Parachute, of course! )

It's Amazing how much fear such an innocent word as KARAOKE can strike into the hearts of otherwise brave people!

Singing can be a very personal thing. You have no problem when you're alone, or when it's just your faithful puppy as an audience. But when it comes to 'exposing' yourself by way of singing, well, then that's a whole other ball game.
Now you fear you have put yourself in a very vulnerable position...And yes, it's true, you have! You know what? Go ahead and DO IT anyway! You're not in front of a firing squad. No one is going to condemn you if you don't sound like the person who was paid millions to record the song in the first place!

Everyone you see get up there to sing, had to try it for the first time at one point as well.
Remember how nervous you were when you had to take your road test? Then do you remember looking around at all the people driving and realized that They were where You were at one time, and gee, they lived through it!
Ok, ok, Karaoke and learning to drive Are quite different situations, agreed. But didn't you feel great once you passed that test and got past that hurdle? Your first few times out I'm sure you were a bit shakey, but the sheer pleasure of it all took those feelings away mighty quick I'll bet.

This may seem like a drastic comparison, but I've had people tell me that they are dying to try it, but are literally terrified! I can sympathize completely. I was there. Unless they give up the fear and let it go, they will never know the ultimate pleasure of actually doing it!
The singers I have met recently all freely and happily admit that they are now Karaoke junkies.

For all of you who have wanted to try but keep talking youself out of it, put down the remote, the soup ladle or whatever you've been using as a microphone. Get out there and try the Real Thing! Spread Your Wings...

I promise you, you won't regret it! : )
Let me know how it goes!
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If you're wondering where the Karaoke Cruise info has gone, you just have to click on the Archived Articles link below. If you need a list of places to sing on Long Island, click the For More Information link below.
Now, how about you get out there and show the world what you've got?

Keep it Fun, Keep it Safe and I'll see you out there on the circuit!

Until Next Time, Sing One For Me! : )

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