Discussing Lingerie

Written by lingerie  |  20. July 2000

Dear Long Island.com readers, Hi, my name is Carol Dee and I am your personal Lingerie Expert. Before we begin, I must let you know that somehow whenever the topic of "lingerie" comes up, I've noticed it always seems to put a big smile on so many faces. The men, in particular, are smiling the most. I guess it's the sudden visual image that men get while thinking about their favorite woman wearing sensual lingerie. The sheer mention of the word "lingerie" often sparks a sexual dialogue from some individuals. People who can't resist the opportunity to switch topics and talk about a more intimate subject matter, s-e-x. I'm not a relationship expert. However, being in the lingerie business, I've heard some pretty amazing stories from both men and woman. Among the shoppers seeking advice, there were many different wonderful customers and free spirited people who loved to share their personal experiences about love, sex and sensuality; while shopping for lingerie. As a professional, I was very polite and a good listener. Not to mention, always keeping a professional/friendly straight face. I suppose it might be fun and entertaining to try and unravel the mysteries of love, sex, and sensuality while speaking about the hottest lingerie fashion trends here. But, no, --- it wouldn't be good for LongIsland.com. Or hey, --- maybe it would be? Nevertheless, I do hope you will keep smiling and get excited about the latest fashion trends and news from the wonderful world of lingerie. Your questions, opinions and views are welcome. But remember, I'm not Dr. Ruth or a sex expert, so please keep your questions and areas of interest focused on lingerie and in good taste. Oh, speaking of good taste, have you tried any of those delicious sweet-tasting candy panties and edible undies yet?

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