Reporting Oracle EBS - Database Schemas

Written by Tony Smith  |  19. July 2011

Oracle E-business suite (or EBS) is also known as Oracle financials or Oracle Applications. It has close to 33,000 views and 25,100 tables on its database. The major issue for the reports is to check out the right data in various projects. Here, you will be able to find out that how Oracle has managed its database to make the life of the developers simple. Database schema decides the ownership of the objects of products' database. Oracle has divided all products of Oracle EBS in separate schemas. Each of these schemas has a default id and name. There is a main schema also, named as APPS, which has permissions to contact most of the objects. APPS owns various triggers, functions, procedures, views, packages and can access indexes, tables, constraints and sequences from other products and schemas. Oracle EBS Customization Metrics Oracle Applications or EBS can be customized using tools such as Oracle reports and Oracle forms. Report customization is very common as it does not usually change anything in the structure. Whereas, the customizations which alter database objects or EBS functionalities are not suggested. One principal factor to acquire effectiveness in the customizations is applying standard metrics while planning and following it through the whole project. During the development of customization, the agenda is discussed depending upon the productivity rate of the human resources and functionality sizes. The productivity rate will depend upon the tools to be used in the project and experience of the team. A customization computation can be made using Function Point Analysis (FPA). The major benefit of such standard metrics is that one can have more accurate forecast for costs and schedule. Oracle EBS R12 - Certification for Purchasing and Inventory The major exam that is required in the field of purchasing and inventory is Oracle EBS R12. This exam is of 150 minutes duration and it is also known as 1Z0 - 225 which is the code of the exam. Various certifications are related with such exams and the field of focus covers purchasing and supplying chain expert counselor. Fee for the exam differs from one country to another. The question paper consists of two sections - inventory part and purchasing part. Candidates are required to pass both these sections with minimum required marks. The syllabus of the exam changes every year and therefore, the difficulty level may also change. There are many sample questions available on the internet and the interested people can download them easily. They are free of any charge and enable the contenders to have a clear understanding of the test questions and thus the chances of passing are also increased. One important point to be noted is that the certification is valid only for a single person and not for a company. Moreover, it is given to those who are eligible and fulfill the required criteria.

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