Automatic Lead Generation Technologies Benefit Network Marketers

Written by Len Keis  |  17. July 2011

Network marketing compainies feature high quality products, solid support systems and compensation plans that have allowed savvy entrepreneurs to achieve financial independence while working from the comfort of their own homes! You can learn more about about the network marketing industry by visiting Learn2EarnNow.net. The network marketing industry has been growing in popularity for the past four decades and in all likelihood will continue its phenomenal growth for many years to come. Many netowrk marketing companines are perfectly positioned to take advantage of the ever growing home-based business trend. 2004 US Census Bureau data shows that 19.5 million Americans are self-employed, and their numbers are growing. Between 2003 and 2004, the number of self-employed grew by 1 million (about 4.7%). Overall, these businesses without employees account for 70% of all US businesses and generate annual receipts exceeding $887 billion. Individuals who choose network marketing as the vehicle with which to achieve entrepreneurial success have tremendous advantages. However there are forces at work in the Multi-Level Marketing industry which tend to mitigate those advantages and make it difficult for most network marketers to achieve success. Many of the core marketing practices for sales lead generation that have been the mainstay of the Multi-level Marketing industry for decades are outdated and not nearly as effective as they use to be. However they are still widely promoted and used throughout the industry. Here are a few of them... 1) 3-Way Calling 2) Cold Calling 3) "Warm List Marketing (chasing friends, family, and co-workers) 4) 3 Foot Rule (bothering strangers about a business opportunity) 5) 1-On-1 Presentations 6) Memorizing Phone Scripts 7) Buying Opportunity Seeker Leads 8) Directing Prospects to Replicated Websites 9) Wrestling With Prospects Over Phone 10) Throwing House Parties 11) Giving away free product samples 12) Giving away free sales aids (Audio Tapes, CDs, Brochures) The main reason why these practices are ineffective is because they are simply not efficient, in terms of both effort and cost, for consistently generating sales. Yet they remain popular with many network marketers because they are easy to understand and implement. Individuals who manage to achieve success with these methods are working much harder than they have to. So what are the most effective marketing methods achieving massive success with in netowrk marketing? By harnessing the power of fully automated direct response marketing systems, methodologies, and sound relationship building protocols anyone can achieve phenomenal success in network marketing with relative ease. To discover exactly how to crank out signups and sales like clockwork, visit the resource link below. http://free-page.net/web/learn2earnnow.htm

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