Marketing's Greatest Enemy

Written by marketing-pr  |  16. July 2008

Written by Angela Kambarian Copywriter & Marketing Consultant What is the most deadly enemy of marketing? You work like crazy trying to attract new business, you stick to your marketing calendar, and you use all the right strategies and tactics, leading to an influx of customers. But eventually...you lose them. They never come back. You are in a state of shock. After all, your marketing was effective and you treated each customer with the utmost respect. So, what is the problem? I will tell you why they never set foot in your business again. It's because you ignored them! Simple as that. You made the sale and now you think that your marketing job in over. "Nearly 70 percent of business lost in America is lost due to apathy after the sale." (Jay Conrad Levy) What you should do is reinforce and intensify the relationship with constant follow up. 1. Send thank you notes after the sales- within 48 hours. 2. Call them within a month to make sure they are satisfied with your performance. 3. About three months after the sale suggest new items that may tie-in with the original purchase. 4. Then three months later contact them again. This kind of follow up will not only prevent apathy, but increase your business anywhere from 20%-300%. Always remember: your customer relationships are your most precious assets. Give your customers the attention they deserve and profit from the repeat sales, referrals and long mutually-beneficial relationships. Good luck with your endeavors!

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