Give it time, you'll be ok..........yea ok

Written by lisingles  |  15. July 2004

Its my favorite line that any girl can ever tell another girl after they've had their heart stepped on. "Give it time, it'll be ok. You'll get through this and be a stronger woman" And I guess the reason I hate it so much is that, its pretty much true. Time heals all wounds. Well, time and some vodka as my one friend used to tell me. But I mean its true, the more space and distance you have from someone usually makes it better than had you tried to keep the friendship going, without ever truly healing. Because yes women can be friends with men after relationships. Its possible, but women know this is Impossible when they have stronger feelings for the men. Because its like being royally rejected. Without the whole pomp and circumstance. Then again would you really want it to be a black-tie affair? I know that its bad enough the way it is, I don't think I'd like it if I had to get all dressed up and put on make-up just to get told "We need to talk..." And those words. Those words alone are priceless. If I could I would place a value on them so high that you'd have to buy the rights to be able to say it even just once, and since men could never afford it, they'd have to come up with more inventive ways of saying what they need to say. Maybe trying honesty for a change. But back to those words "Give it time." I guess the question really is in the end, how much time do you give it? I once heard a system where you take the number of months you were together with someone and divide it by 3 and that's how long. Or a month for every year and a week for every month. But if you are going to "Give it time" shouldn't you give it all the time in the world instead of trying to place an actual duration on it? And then in the interim of "time" there are other people that you meet or possibly already know. How much "time" do you give that before you jump in too soon when you're not ready to handle it? Where your emotions don't allow you to either enjoy or fully want what you're doing or who your with. And by the way, what genius came up with this whole great idea about emotions and making them extreme and painful at times. Did someone go "Man if this ever happens lets have it feel like their heart is literally breaking!" or did someone who experienced it before anyone else sit down one day and put a curse on all others to feel how horrible it feels and to never forget it? All I know is the Rolling Stones once sang about how Time was on their side. And if Mick and Company don't mind, I'd like it on mine for a while.

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