Written by job-strategies  |  13. July 2006

You Know You Are From Long Island When... -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A hot date on Saturday night is going shopping with your wife and family at B.J.'s. Can I help you means, can I help you and not help yourself to my wallet. The girl next door is 10 miles down the road. You're driving slow and the driver behind doesn't blow their horn. People you don't know nod their head to greet you. The LIRR waits for you to get on board before leaving the station. People actually know how to get from spot A to spot B. People give you accurate directions when you're lost. Everyone has a dog, wants a dog or about to get a dog. You see a person riding a bicycle while holding a surf board under one arm. Someone says, we'll meet at Marvel and you all know where Marvel is. Your co-workers stab you in the back but first ask, may I and follow up with a thank you note. You hear a thump on the window in the middle of the night and it's not someone who is breaking in but a seagull with bad navigational skills. Write me and share your own, you know you are from Long Island when...with all of us. Michael Coritsidis Job Ready Strategist,doit2001@hotmail.com

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