Guilty Pleasure TV: What to Binge-Watch this Summer

Thanks to Netflix, Hulu Plus, and Amazon Prime, you can easily catch up on old seasons of your favorite show so you will be caught up by the fall.

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When summer gets too hot to handle, one of the best cures to beat the heat is to stay inside, turn up the air conditioning, and put on the television.  Nowadays, many people have done away with televisions and have turned to the internet to watch exactly what they want to watch when they want to watch it. If you are starting a new series, you can share it with a group of friends by getting them together to watch an episode once a week. Be careful – many of these shows are addicting, and may result in watching several episodes a night! Here are some of the hottest shows out there and where to watch them.

Orange is the New Black: This Netflix series is on the top of many Long Islanders’ viewing lists because it is filmed at the Suffolk County Correctional Facility in Riverhead, and many characters and extras are native Long Islanders. When Piper, a privileged New Yorker, gets wrapped up in a crime that she is forced to pay for, she ends up in a women’s prison with all sorts of odd and endearing characters, including the woman who got her sent to prison in the first place. Watch Orange is the New Black on Netflix!

House of Cards: This political drama stars Kevin Spacey as a ruthless, cunning congressman who will stop at nothing to control Washington D.C. and to get revenge on those who have betrayed him. Watch House of Cards on Netflix and Amazon Prime!

Breaking Bad:  A high school chemistry teacher turns to a life of crime when he is diagnosed with cancer and realizes that he has no way to pay for his treatment or to care for his family after he is gone.  Clever, dark, and suspenseful, this show is sure to get you hooked.  Watch Breaking Bad on Netflix and Amazon Prime!

Doctor Who: Decades after the original Doctor Who aired on television in black and white, the series, which follows a mysterious time lord who travels through time and space with his human companions, is reboot of the sci-fi original, but with more action, drama, and humor.  Watch Doctor Who on Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu Plus!

The Shield: This cop drama goes above and beyond, following the story of a Los Angeles police department Strike Team unit leader and how he steps outside of the law in a righteous move to rid the city of gangs, thugs, and other criminals.  Watch The Shield on Amazon Prime and Hulu Plus!

Dexter:  Possibly the only TV series with a likeable murderer, Dexter tells the story of a man who works for the Miami Police and is also a serial killer who only kills murderers.  Watch Dexter on Netflix and Amazon Prime!

Arrested Development: You thought your family as dysfunctional: Take a look at this witty comedy about a wealthy family (including Jeffrey Tambor, Jessica Walter, Portia de Rossi, Michael Cera, and more famous faces) that is falling apart and the one well-meaning son (Jason Bateman) who tries to keep them together.  Watch Arrested Development on Netflix and Hulu Plus!

The Millionaire Matchmaker: In this reality show, Patti Stanger attempts to match millionaires with their dream man or woman, and dates (as well as drama) ensue.  Watch Millionaire Matchmaker on Amazon Prime and Hulu Plus!

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