Looking for a Unique Wedding Dress? Just Add Color!

Written by Lauren Pozmanter  |  05. July 2013

As we keep our eyes on the lives of celebrities, so we do also dutifully if not obsessively keep an eye out for their latest wedding fashion. And the trend that we have being seeing the most these days is colored wedding dresses. Long are the days of virginal white dresses and in are the heaps of starlets taking their vows in black (as we recently saw with Shenae Grimes), pink (Jessica Biel's gorgeous wedding gown), and many other shades. Whether its just a splash of color or a completely hued gown, you can be sure to see this trend hitting the stores and local brides very soon. 

So what color dress would be the best fit for you if you were to go down that road? Well that all depends on you and the type of person you are as well as the season of your wedding. Just like every season has a color scheme to adhere to, so do the wedding dress. If you are looking to have a spring wedding, then this is the best time to do something less drastic. Spring is very accommodating to pastel colors therefore, perfect for someone who wants to have a colored dress, but something not too far out there. You can pretty much choose any pastel shade you’d like but try and stick to pinks and lavenders. If you are having your wedding in the summer then your dress can definitely pop a little more. Look towards more yellow, peach, and orange hews as well as blues if you are having a beach wedding. At this point if you are looking to have a black dress, this is a suitable season, especially if it has colored embellishments. For fall dresses, gold will reign supreme. This shade will go perfectly will fall colors and is definitely a trending color. You can also go for a deep wine shade of red that will suit the season perfectly. Winter weddings are where you will probably see the most drastically colored dresses. Here will be the black dresses mixed with deep reds and purples, as well navy blue and a brighter shade of red. Mint is also a superb color for winter if you are trying to play up the winter wonderland theme. 

So where does this leave the rest of the wedding? Well you can now use white anywhere else you’d like without it really being too much or clashing. It will certainly make your dress pop more if that is the effect you desire. Your bridesmaids dresses should be a much more neutral color, some would even have their bridal party in white for an inside out type of look. Or of course you could stick to classic whites and use some colored embroidery for a little pop. The point is that your wedding dress is a reflection of your personality. So if you think you are a fire engine red type of gal, than let it show in your wedding dress!

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