Just in Time for the 4th....Brand Spankin New and better than ever!!!

Written by lisingles  |  04. July 2003

So its 4th of July. Time to spark up the Bar-B-Q, have a few drinks (but not drive - I can't stress how important it is to NOT DRINK AND DRIVE, especially this weekend), set off some fireworks...or atleast watch em down at Jones beach, in NYC, or at Smiths Point, and hang with your friends or family. Then again, if you're not down for that, there's plenty of debauchery to be had out east. Saturday nite if the weather is fine there is the Drift Inn which provides both good music, and good times. As does Turtle Bay. The Drift Inn is a bit more laid back and more of an outside bar, but either way you're guarenteed to have a good time. Then on sunday if you're really brave you can venture out to the Bawdy Barn. Now its definetly a younger crowd there but its just to much fun. Personally I like the back yard BBQ...sure if its at a friends house, its great because there's no clean-up or fuss, but always make sure to offer some cash to help reimburse the money thrown out for the keg and food. It is expensive when it all comes down to it. And besides, it provides all the comforts you need, plus a place to crash so you don't Drink and Drive. Now, I actually got a question via email this week, and that's EXCITING! From: Anonymous Hi. I am newly single male, 31 years old. Quite handsome and nice; and somewhat shy; but well educated and I have lots of spirit. I'd be willing to try almost anything (except I am scared of heights). Anyway, my 'Q' is I need to start making friends, where do I begin? Ok, well making friends isn't necessarily easy, but it isn't hard either. I find co-workers make for a good jump-off point. It helps foster better relationships in and out of the workplace, and can also open you into different groups of people that you might not normally have been in. Also just going out helps too. Its important to not have fear in going over and talking to someone. All friends are strangers when you first meet them, so don't be shy. Carpe Diem - Seize the day! Because in the end, what do you have to lose? If they respond back and talk to you, it could become a great friendship. But if they don't, its their loss, because they missed out on getting to know the wonderfulness that is you. I hope I helped a bit. Also, there is a 25+ meet and greet at Palmers Bar & Grill every Wednesday night sponsored by WLIR. Check the Vanderbilt website for more details... Have a happy, patriotic, and SAFE holiday all. Enjoy!

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