Martial Arts School Codes of Conduct

Written by karate  |  02. July 2006

Most Martial Arts teaching centers I know make a serious effort to bring high morals good values and solid citizenship in combination with their martial arts instruction. Some schools have have school creeds and a few I've heard have school songs.In my school we have five main school rules that cover the values we teach. These rules should be followed both in and out of the Karate School (Dojo ) EFFORT Using the total of your abilities both physically and mentally. Giving all you can 100% in any task DISIPLINE Doing What needs to be done ,whithout being told to do so. Character/Integrity Being Honest with others as well as Yourself in everything you do. Self Control Controlling your behavior and attitude to match the situation. Respect Treating Others the way you wish to be treated Using these few rules (code) will bring much to your character and fulfill you as a person. These thoughts should be applied in all aspects of your life.-

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