Tips for an Organized Bathroom

Written by organizing  |  01. July 2004

1. Attach baskets to the wall to hold hair ornaments and other accessories. 2. Hang a shoe bag on the back of the bathroom door and fill with bath and beauty supplies. 3. Install shelving in the bathtub or shower stall for the products you use frequently. 4. Use a Lazy Susan in the vanity cabinet to make the most of the space you have 5. Mount a long magnet along the back of your medicine cabinet to small metal objects such as tweezers, scissors and clippers. 6. Hang a three tiered basket from the ceiling for extra soaps, towels or small items. 7. Use a freestanding coat rack to hang wet towels. 8. Move medications out of the bathroom. Mount a spice rack on the inside of a hallway linen closet door to hold medicine bottles. Bathroom's humidity effects potency of medications. 9. Hanging your hair dryer takes up less space than putting it in a drawer. 10. Use liquid soap instead of bar soap to avoid messy soap on your sink countertop. 11. Use a Swiffer or similar cloth to pick up stray hairs and dust on floors, countertops, toilet tank, etc. as part of your daily straighten up routine to avoid larger clean ups later. 12. Get rid of expired medications and items you have not used for awhile such as makeup, nail polish, hair products and lotions, to clear some space. 13. Use carts on wheels or wall mounted cabinets to add extra storage. 14. Assign a color to each family member for towels and face cloths. Make each person responsible for hanging their towels after use. 15. Like any other area, keep like things together. Put all of your hair accessories in one container. Put all of your hair care products together. Assign each person their own area in the medicine cabinet, in drawers or under the sink to store their items.

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