Don't Exclude a Trainer from Your Summer Workout!

Written by healthandfitness  |  01. July 2003

With the summer rush finally here, why not use the knowledge, expertise and motivation of a fitness professional? You're probably asking yourself, where do I start? This is a daunting task, and quite unlike any other service you hire. This one affects your physical well-being and finding a good match counts! What questions do you need to ask yourself or your potential personal trainer? First, check your budget. A good trainer who comes to your house may cost more than one at a gym, but the investment is usually well worth it. You need to find a trainer who has attained a certain level of education and certification. You can call my office at (516) 432-6877 and ask for a listing of certified personal trainers who have graduated from our East Coast Instructor Training School. Our graduates are required to attain a certain academic standard, have specific personal and professional traits, carry current CPR certification, liability insurance, and attend continuing education courses on a regular basis. Whether you get a personal trainer through us or on your own, it is important to ask the following questions. Does the trainer have a degree or specialty and how much experience do they have? Are they insured? Are your own personal fitness goals similar to your personal trainer and do your personalities match? And most important, ask your potential trainer for some personal and industry references. Once you have your trainer, they will design a personalized workout just for you! Don't be discouraged by a trainer who starts slow with you. It is probably in your best interest. The key is to find a "safe and effective" workout tailored to your own needs and goals. Your trainer should explain why they designed a certain workout for you, and communicate all the changes they make as you progress. This should be an enjoyable experience. Your own trainer should add excitement to your workout. Good luck and have a happy summer!

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