When the Kids Are Away, the Parents Will Play: Keeping Parents Busy While Kids Are Away

Written by Sharon Lindell  |  30. June 2014

Camp is a great way for kids to learn independence and make the summer memorable. At the same time, parents get a small break from school activities and running to play dates. Kids are great, but parents need time for themselves. 

Additionally, it is important that parents take some time to pamper themselves and romance each other. The foundation of a happy family are happy parents in a great relationship. Sometimes parents forget that they are also people, husbands, and wives too.

So, check out some great things you can do while the kids are away for the summer!

  • Long Island's Various Nightlife Events: Our event calendar contains dozens of great nightlife events that couples can enjoy or for a mom or dad's night out.
  • Visit a Beach: It seems cliche, but visiting a beach this summer while the kids are away can be fun and enjoyable. Take it upon yourself to go outside your comfort zone and visit a beach you have never been too.
  • Golfing: Get that early tee time and treat yourself to golfing sometimes this summer. Book your tee time with LongIsland.com and save time and maybe some money!
  • Check Out a Movie: A movie is a much different experience without the kids. So, go and see one of the top box office films something this summer.
  • Charter a Boat: Boating is very popular on Long Island, consider trying to boat sometime this summer. 
  • Museums: Although museums are education, they are not just for educating kids, but adults as well. Check out the many museums on the island and the various events they offer for adults.
  • Art Galleries: There are many talented artist on Long Island. Take a chance to see some of the talent at the various art galleries on the island.
  • Comedy Clubs: Get a good laugh at the many comedy clubs on the island. Some famous comedians and local talents do stand-up almost every night on the island.
  • Long Island Vineyards: Kids cannot enjoy vineyards, so use this time to go on a wine tour.
  • Water Sports: Try some kayaking or jet skiing when you have a chance. As fun as boating is, you might be up for something a little more exciting.

Parents! What will you be doing while the kids are away? Tell us in the comments below!

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