Crime Report: Shirley Man Killed by Cops During Shootout; Man Accused of Stealing Puppy from Animal Shelter

Police have not yet identified the shooter; Man allegedly broke into animal rescue shelter to steal a Rottweiler.

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Shirley Man Killed by Cops During Shootout
According to Suffolk County Police, a man was killed during a shootout that took place in Shirley on Friday night. Suffolk County Homicide Squad detectives are still investigating the incident.

Police were called to 163 Carlton Drive East by neighbors that heard a man yelling and firing a gun. When police approached the house, the man came out with a shotgun and began firing. Officers took cover and returned fire.

The suspect then went back inside, and came out several minutes later with a rifle and began firing at officers in the street. Police fired back and shot the man, who was wearing a ballistic vest and helmet. Police say he fired at least 15 rounds before being taken down.

The shooter was pronounced dead at the scene. Police said they believe they know the identity of the shooter; however they are waiting for his body to be identified by the family. They have not been able to contact his next of kin.

[Source: Suffolk County Police]

Man Accused of Stealing Puppy from Animal Shelter
Police arrested a man on Thursday for allegedly breaking into an animal rescue shelter and trying to steal a Rottweiler puppy.

An employee of Friends of Freddie Pet Rescue in Middle Island called police when she opened up the shelter on Wednesday morning and noticed that a window was broken and the puppy was missing.

Police investigated the incident and determined that 23-year-old Justin Geiger of Middle Island had stolen the dog. Apparently, Geiger entered the animal shelter on Tuesday and asked employees if the puppy had a microchip implanted. Employees informed him that it did not.

Police arrested Geiger on Thursday at his home on Lake Court. Geiger had the dog in his possession when police came to his house. He is being charged with burglary in the third degree, and was arraigned at First District Court in Central Islip on Friday.

[Source: Suffolk County Police]